Adopting The New Techniques & Technologies To keep Up With The Pace Of Change

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SEAD-This is a modern term to optimize ones time and productivity. Every individual has limited time and can only do a limited task within this. This SEAD if adopted can help to scale and grow the individual as well the organization. This, in short can be a success mantra.

S-Simplify. It's important to simplify any task rather to make it a complex one. Simpler tasks take lesser time to execute and can easily be done without wasting any time to think as to how it is to be done. But this is generally not very easy. The problem is, a person doesn't think on these lines to simplify his task. Breaking down a complex system into smaller components can make things simpler. One needs to simplify the tasks to have clarity of thought and ease of execution. Say one need to cook food. Now the choice is he can invest hours to cook something that is exotic and needs lots of ingredients or rather just chose to cook something that's easier and can be done in no time.

E-Eliminate.This simply states that lets eliminate the unwanted noise around us. This doesn't mean ignoring tasks. This states we need to understand what is required and important for us and what could be avoided. Eg. We go to fill up the fuel at the fuel station every second day. This could easily be eliminated by simply filling up the tank at the first go. This way, we save time by eliminating unnecessary tasks. The extra time we acquire can now be utilized to do more productive things rather spending time at the fuel station waiting to get the tank filled.

A -­ Automate. This is important to achieve long term success. Tasks which need to be done regularly and continuously should be automated. Automation may or may not be done with the help of machines. If one person can get something done without his active involvement, we can say that a particular task has been put on auto mode. One may take help of machines and tools where required. Eg. A reminder needs to be sent to the entire customer who has dues to be cleared. Instead of a person calling them, there could be system where a reminder can be sent through the system over email, sms and whatsapp for payment. While most of the customers would end up clearing the dues based on these reminders, the remaining can be followed up personally.

D - Delegate. This is probably the most important aspect of attaining success not only inthe personal life but also professionally. It has often been seen that entrepreneurs and business leaders end up micro managing all the tasks and not delegate them. This is a sure road to problems as after a point of time, further growth and expansion become difficult as the entrepreneur becomes the bottleneck where things slow down at their end. One must delegate the tasks which could be done by others, especially the ones where the personal skills are not required. Eg. The chores takes up a good part of one's daily life and if you feel, you can create more value rather than doing such tasks, then it's better to delegate such activities, rather wasting a lot of time doing these. In the free time, one could pursue other goals and try to achieve them.

The world has become a dynamic place and to sustain, one needs to adopt with time and at the same time, adopt the newer techniques and technologies to keep up with the pace of change. In this, it is equally important to plan your activities in advance through the adoption of SEAD which helps an individual to save time and utilize it in the most productive manner.

If one studies the activities of the successful people across the globe, consciously or unconsciously, they have adopted this process of SEAD. With the limited resources and time, and with the challenge to maintain the work life balance, it's important that we embrace new ideas and resolve to make ourselves more productive than ever.

To do all of these doesn't mean we do not keep a check. There needs to be a proper reporting and analysis as to all the activities are carried out with diligence and no part is suffering due to lack of personal participation. This helps to analyze not only the effectiveness of SEAD but also to re-engineer the process which might be suffering. Eg. The automation needs to be revised as it may not be giving the desired results. With the adoption of SEAD, the idea is not to make the quality of life suffer but to make it better. It will help to create an environment where you can achieve the desired goals and objectives.