10 Life Lessons from Tagbin's CEO: Nurturing Success with Wisdom and Heart

Saurav Bhaik, over the course of 10 years, Saurav learned many lessons and developed many valuable insights that go far beyond the world of business. These insights embody the idea to explore the essence of the entre- preneurial spirit and discover the transformative potential for both individual development and professional success. He shared his cents of wisdom that he has gathered on his journey.

Siliconindia recently got a chance to interact with Saurav, wherein he shared his insights about his core team members are relationships that are built from the ground up and withstand the test of time. Below are the excerpts from the exclusive interview

When your emotions are ingrained in your work, the company evolves beyond a mere business entity

Harboring emotions in work helps foster unwavering commitment and protective dedication. Through a dynamic and supportive workplace, your company celebrates collective achievements, creating an environment where personal highs and lows are shared experiences, owing to collaborative success.

Complacency is the greatest adversary, and past achievements serve as stepping stones, not resting places

Embrace ups and downs as integral companions, they strike a balance to avoid catastrophic outcomes

In the unpredictable journey that comes in the business world, Saurav has learned that unwavering resolve determines outcomes, not the passage of time. Calculated risk-taking becomes an ally, empowering them to overcome adversity and emerge stronger.

In the face of failures and setbacks, hold onto hope, trusting that success lies beyond the shadows

Saurav has witnessed the transformative power of persevering through despair, finding solace in the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Hence, as an individual, you should also have faith that adversity becomes an opportunity for growth and eventual triumph if you keep holding on.

Your fundamentals should have empathy, for you don’t know the other person’s story

In a people-centered business, kindness holds immense significance. They strive to cultivate an environment where understanding and empathy prevail, offering solace and inspiration to the team. By treating colleagues as family, you foster a sense of belonging and energize individuals to excel.

Your core team members are relationships that are built from the ground up and withstand the test of time

People come and go, leaving behind fragments of memories. However, a cherished few stand unwaveringly by the organization’s side—the core team, the foundation of shared aspirations. Treating them as kin, you have the ability to forge a united force driven by trust, loyalty, and resilience.

"Dreaming big allows us to surpass expectations and set new benchmarks of excellence"

Your latest success should never be more than six months old

To thrive amidst perpetual change, Saurav embraces an unyielding hunger for learning. Keeping yourself up-to-date is the only route to success. Complacency is the greatest adversary, and past achievements serve as stepping stones, not resting places. Staying attuned to advancements and refusing to settle for the status quo fuels growth. So, one should understand that standing proud of a five-year-old achievement stifles progress and hence you should always yearn for more.

Business should be about understanding and setting human expectations

Successful partnerships extend beyond transactions; they are connections between people. Setting expectations right is crucial, and conflicts may arise when perspectives collide. There are always three paths to get this right: setting expectations together, meeting them, or gracefully withdrawing if alignment seems unattainable.

One should always know that respect is a two-way street

Embrace empathy, open-mindedness, and genuine appreciation, creating a culture that thrives on mutual respect. You should also seize every opportunity to express sincere appreciation. Small gestures of gratitude have a powerful impact, fostering stronger relationships and nurturing a culture of appreciation. Thanking colleagues, vendors, and clients becomes a catalyst for connection and goodwill.

Success is measured not by intentions or efforts alone, but by tangible outcomes

With a relentless focus on delivering results, Saurav instilled a culture of accountability and determination within its team. By setting clear goals, aligning efforts, and staying committed to execution, the company consistently surpassed expectations and drove meaningful impact. Saurav's unwavering emphasis on being result-driven propelled Tagbin to new heights, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Aim for nothing but the best as mediocrity has no place in the pursuit of greatness

Saurav strongly believes that one should embark on each endeavour with the mindset that nothing less than the best will suffice. Continuous improvement, innovation, and maintaining the highest standards of quality should define your approach. Dreaming big allows us to surpass expectations and set new benchmarks of excellence.

The journey never really ends—in life or in business. On your journey to success, let these lessons act as nothing more than stepping stones. Accept the challenges, accept the lessons, and let your spirit lead you to greatness. Your singular vision, unyielding resolve, and transformative influence are what the world is waiting for. Take advantage of the opportunities that are ahead; the possibilities are endless.

Go forth and write your extraordinary tale; your own adventure is waiting.