Natural Mineral Water: The Solution to Your Everyday Health Problems

Piyush Mathur, CMD & CEO, Hielo Beverages India Headquartered in Gurgaon, Hielo Beverages is Food & Beverages company with proven excellence in offering an array of finest quality Natural Mineral Water, Natural Sparkling Water, Natural Nectar based Fruit Juice, and many others.

Water significantly contributes to the health of an individual. We require adequate hydration to maintain the body water equilibrium. The needs of every individual may vary but it is important to consume a minimum of two litres per day. It is imperative that people realise what they are drinking, especially at a time when the extent of pollution and impurities is rapidly spreading. We need to be extremely sure of the quality of water that we drinking. There are numerous options available in the market such as mineral water, natural mineral water, vitamin water, sparkling water and more.

It is crucial to know the difference between these variations of drinking water. The most common misconception is that natural mineral water and mineral water are the same. Mineral Water or Bottled Water which is easily available in the market is water that goes through a filtration process after extraction from the source. This water contains added unnatural minerals and vitamins. Mineral water is not the purest form of water available. It is similar to the filtered water we drink at home or at restaurants. Natural Mineral Water, on the other hand, is considered to be pure since the water remains untouched; the extraction plant and packaging unit is set close to the source which reduces the chances of the water coming in contact with any impurities, keeping it pure and safe to drink.

In take of Natural Mineral Water has multiple health benefits from maintaining the blood pressure to detoxifying the body. Adequate amount of water consumption has a number of positive effects on your body. Here are a few merits to the consumption of natural mineral water:

. Reduction in Risk of Cardiac Diseases: Natural mineral water metabolizes fat from human body, ensuring a reduced
production of bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol increases the blood pressure which, in turn, increases the risk of cardiac arrest in heart patients. Decreased bad cholesterol helps open the blocked capillary to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Natural mineral water plays a vital role in strengthening your hair; by restoring the PH level of the scalp from within it leaves your hair smooth, strong and shiny

. Reduced Acidity: People suffering from acidity must consume natural mineral water. Water straight from the source has natural minerals from the mountains which helps produce digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes ease tension and prevent bloating, acidity or constipation.

. Skin Benefits: Water from the mountains is considered to be the purest form of drinking water available to us for consumption. This is because there is no tampering with the water as it is just as nature provided. This helps keep your skin hydrated through the natural minerals which as important for our body. Enough water consumption leaves your skin blemish-free, glowing and reduces early wrinkles.

. Eases Arthritis: Natural mineral water acts like a magic remedy for the pain caused due to arthritis. The minerals and natural compounds present in the water reduces the irritation and also results in reducing the swelling in joints.

. Healthy Hair: As the pollution level increases in the air, our hair tends to become dull, dry and lifeless all because of the toxins present in the atmosphere. Due to the impurities in the air, our hair doesn’t get the desired nutrition. Natural mineral water plays a vital role in strengthening your hair; by restoring the PH level of the scalp from within it leaves your hair smooth, strong and shiny. It also increases the oxygen supply to the brain and improves hair texture.

. Controls Blood Pressure: Fluctuating levels of blood pressure is an alarming sign for any individual. Natural Mineral Water helps in balancing and maintaining the blood pressure through the magnesium, calcium and natural minerals present in the water.

. Reduces Risk of Kidney Stone: Adequate intake of Natural Mineral Water prevents the occurrence of kidney stones. Water contains a higher composition of magnesium and calcium which helps in the risk of a cluster formation of stones in the kidney.

Natural Mineral Water facilitates a lot of benefits to the human body; the above mentioned are just a few examples of the same. Drinking natural mineral water provides the nutrients and mineral which are needed by your body without the need to resort to taking any supplements. This is the most natural and pure way of consuming the minerals. It has no preservatives and other chemically/artificially induced substances. The water remains free from impurities and other dust components. Natural mineral water helps in balancing out the calcium level in the body and keeps you active. It is uniquely different from filtered or boiled water as unlike the other forms, there is no filtration and chemical process involved in the extraction and packaging of the water. The natural mix of essential minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium remain intact in the water without disturbing the natural level and composition of the water.