E-learning & Effective Technology Solutions are the Latest Trend of today

Sunil Sharma,CEO, HawksCodeEducation is meant to achieve excellence in life. Digital media is the demand of today. E-learning is a rapidly growing industry, Now that affordable e-learning solutions exist for both computers and internet; it only takes a good elearning tool for education to be facilitated from virtually anywhere. Technology has advanced so much that the geographical gap is bridged with the use of tools that make you feel as if you are inside the classroom. E-learning offers the ability to share material in all kinds of formats.

Through our E-learning Portal we have solved many issues:
1. Online Learning
Through our online e-learning portal, we have provided the opportunity to the students for learning. Through our e-learning product (Easy shiksha) students has the opportunity of learning Programming languages, word press, and digital photography etc.

2. Certification
Through our online e-learning portal, students can do online courses of any stream such Information technology,Medicine, Management, design, Banking & Finance, media,retail, Science & technology etc. Students can prepare for Competition exams. Students can give the test they can get relevant study material for cracking examination. Students can do Certification for the relevant course.

3. Information of Institution
Through our e-learning portal students gets the information of wide variety of institutes schools, Colleges, Top level institute, University,all kind of information current courses, contact details, Admission
Updates, Any New or Latest News Events Conducted in Organization, placement News etc.

4. Career Guidance for Students
Through our online e-learning portal students gets the information about their interest, values, aspiration, personality. Students know about their talent, skills, strength, and weakness. Career guidance by experts.

5. News/Events Updates
News/Events features are key features of our online e-learning portal any organization can share latest News/ Events update on our e-learning portal with the help of social media platform news share with maximum people range.

Effective Technology Solutions:
Technology and Technology solutions are key factors for the success of any business Information technology has promoted our society gradually into knowledge economy from product economy. Value creation requires more and more knowledge and information to support enterprise activities. Knowledge Management(KM)as an activity has already existed, and will make the organization and individual have stronger competition strength, and make better decisions. Technology and technological solutions will be best recourses for any organization for their ERP planning In order to respond to the industrial trend towards knowledge management, this paper investigates and proposes a framework for product lifecycle knowledge management that utilizes product maintenance data across the lifecycle of the product.

For the challenges mentioned above we as the organization has created different technology solutions for the growth of Business.

Mobile Apps with relevant key features:
. Native & Hybrid Apps
. iOS, Android, Windows Xamarin
. How to take advantage of sensors available on the mobile?
. Reports and large data requirements.
. Offline v/s online User Activity
. Objective C, Swift, X Code, JAVA
Cross Platform (Phone Gap,Ionic)

Web solutions with relevant key features:
. CMS - Wordpress, Magento, Open-
Cart, PrestaShop, and Drupal based
. Latest Trend technology PHP Laravel,
Angular.js, java, JSON, XML
based solutions
. Replicate web-site or have a scaled
down version?