Zest Transformation: Assisting Entrepreneurs in Bringing Their Dreams to Fruition

Tejaswini Pisal,  Founder & Director

Tejaswini Pisal

Founder & Director

Derived from the French word ‘entreprendre’ meaning ‘to undertake’, an entrepreneur or leader is undoubtedly the torchbearer of any business way beyond just great concepts, branding, marketing or sales strategies. Tejaswini Pisal (Founder & Director, Zest Transformation) strongly believes that business is a part of life, and business transformation is deeply connected with the transformation of a leader. To achieve both these aspects, every leader ought to unlock his/her true potential and lead as an empowered & energized CEO with absolute confidence and clarity, rather than an enervated employee. It is here Tejaswini has been making great strides by helping entrepreneurs to create a business and life they love, generate exponential growth, and supporting them throughout their journey through her brainchild Zest Transformation! Further, she helps them scale their business, achieve larger goals and eventually launch themselves into a bigger business sphere.

Wondering how? With focus on deep transformation of leaders, she has been proactively tapping their inner potential and coaching them through the approach ‘You help them win, you win in-turn’. Her main aim is to unearth the most pressing issues in their lives through The Wheel of Life coaching method, rewrite their fears, doubts
& limiting beliefs with courage & confidence, and evaluate the way their decisions impact business or life in general. Thus, to build good leaders, Zest Transformation offers a range of online and personal coaching programs, ranging from three to 24 months.

Our main motto is to deliver holistic experiences to clients through diverse modalities of coaching such as energy, spiritual, wellness, business and many more

Best-in-class Programs
Energies play a crucial role in inspiring one’s self and the people around. To recognize these invaluable energies of clients, the company provides them ‘Be Energised Be Inspired’(Double the Value of Your Business) program. ‘Step In Step Up’(Sustain-Scale Succeed) is its other flagship program, which helps clients in developing a robust, simple, scalable and sustainable system that can upscale their business and life. Recently, it has also launched a specially curated program ‘TransformHER’ (Energise-Empower-Elevate) for women to adeptly manage their personal & professional commitments and pressures so that they emerge truly ‘Saksham’ to their best of the capabilities. This way they can break out of their cocoons and feel empowered beyond imagination.

Tejaswini summarizes, “Our main motto is to deliver holistic experiences to clients through diverse modalities of coaching such as energy, spiritual, wellness, business and many more”. Besides affiliations with bodies like ICF & CCA, she leverages her 15+ years of experiences across various functions of leading IT companies in India to coach her clients. She has also successfully helped some of these companies in setting-up operations from scratch thorough profound expertise in Leadership Development, Motivation, and Behavioural Sciences & Systems.

The biggest pain points which her clients constantly face are declining business growth and the need to upscale the business, increase sales & marketing or realize their aspirations. To address them, Zest Transformation handholds them in every phase of their business, understands each pain point in detail and coaches them around aspects that are holding them back in their business and life. Aiming to keep-up this unparalleled excellence, the company has plans to foray into the international waters too to offer its services.