Yogtech: Rendering an Apt Electric Solution to Meet the Specification of the Application

Chinmay Gore , FounderBatteries are incredibly useful in modern technology. These devices power electronics and vehicles with little effort yet massive energy, however, they pose significant environmental and safety risks because of their toxicity. From the perspective of the development of new energy vehicles, lithium battery packs are more environmentally friendly and have advantages of large specific energy long cycle life, low self discharge rate, and no memory effect. Lithium batteries have a high energy storage density, up to 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times that of lead acid batteries. A battery with lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode has a service life of more than six years. The lithiumion battery pack of electric vehicles has a high power carrying capacity, which can reach a charge and discharge capacity of 15-30°C, which is convenient for high intensity startup and acceleration. The self discharge rate is very low, generally, one percent per month, which is less than 1/20 of that of Ni-MH batteries lithium batteries can fully meet the needs of automotive electricity. In addition to theirgreen and environmentally friendly characteristics, they have become ideal for electric vehicle applications.

One such firm incorporated with an intention to innovate various quality products related to energy storage in India is Yogtech.
Chinmay Gore, Founder of Yogtech, as a huge enthusiast of electric vehicles, observed that the main problem in the electric vehicle was batteries. In the course of the research, it came across lithium batteries the apt solutions for the same as opposed to leadacid technology. Consequently, the idea was conceptualized in 2018 and started its own manufacturing plant for similar types of problems in the realm of electric vehicles, and then in the Solar sector.“Interest in electric vehicles presented us this path. While working on electric bike projects we came to know about lithium batteries and their advantages. From there the idea was formed and given shape to develop this business” signifies Chinmay.

A truly technology driven company, manufacturing flexible, scalable lithium batteries as a prime source of power

Yogtech is a truly technology driven company with proficient and dedicated engineers who always strives to stay abreast with the latest trends and technology in the market. Further, Yogtech strives to provide the right electric solution to meet the needs of the application. The firm manufactures and renders flexible, scalable lithium batteries as a prime source of power. Significantly, the core strength and the key aspect that gives the firm a competitive edge over the others is that it provides tailor made individualized solutions to every problem while looking at every problem as a new problem and applying itself to give the best solution and then produce the batteries instead of just manufacturing the batteries.

Over a short period, Yogtech has carved a niche for it self and is one of the leading suppliers to a lot of electric vehicle OEM companies in Maharashtra and solar automation government projects in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Currently, the firm is working its way into home inverter batteries and UPS solutions. And as it proceeds ahead to reach new heights, it aspires to be the biggest battery manufacturer in Maharashtra in the near future. As a long term aspiration, the firm is looking forward to growing over all the verticals and expand its product portfolio, wherein it has already started working in some power tools manufacturing, high discharge batteries, as well as on its own electric vehicles. "We are passionate about innovative and green solutions and committed towards better and creative problem solving along with continual improvement,"concludes Chinmay.