Separator Innovating Ideas for Suave Kitchen Upshots

Anuj Kumar,  CEO21st century has seen the shrunken size of houses & households, fast paced life and working women, where their love for stylish ambience and functionality in the process of cooking has taken the front seat. With a firm belief that ‘Elegance is a choice’ rooted in innovation and quality workmanship under one roof to lure both men and women to enjoy compact kitchens and startling cooking experiences. Congregating innovative design ideas to construct truly cellular modular structures, is popular for its evolving new ideas for kitchens that can fit in from huge to tiny spaces .

From the perspective of rapid urbanisation, the company avows to meet the challenges and tailor made requirements of homes from very affordable to plush interior spaces based on customer preferences. This speaks volumes about their impressively wide portfolio of raw materials & processes. woodstreet.inalso provides with the flexibility of merging various designs/solutions to give clients the exact result they aspire. Moreover, the company takes keen interest in understanding the desired usage pattern to develop the optimised personalized solutions that are more appropriate for that particular project, notwithstanding the market and business forces.
With a special manufacturing process involving Designing, Panel processing, Edge Processing and Fastner Fixing, woodstreet bring finesse to the materials used, while ensuring cost flexibility and space optimization. “Everyone has access to materials, machines & technology,however distinction lies in how we use them differently to provide efficient personalised solutions that result in added value to your space," says Anuj Kumar, CEO, Anuj's immense decade-long project management experience (during which he had been purchasing products for thousands of apartments) has helped him understand the pulse of customers and nuances of designing,&efficient use of material aspect.

With a special manufacturing process involving Designing, Panel processing,Edge Processing and Fastner Fixing,woodstreet bring finesse to the materials used,while ensuring cost flexibility and space optimization

The woodstreet Writ utlizeses plywood, laminates, medium-density fibreboard (MDF),High Density Fibre Board(HDF), High Density,High Moisture Resistant (HDHMR),Wood Polymer Composite(WPC), Solid wood, Glasses, Aluminium etc. for kitchen carcasses and shutters. The processing is accomplished on the latest machineries such as Sliding Table Panels saws, Through Feed Edge Bender, Multi Boring Machine,CNC Routers, Presses and others,to empower its designers to bring
out conceptualised finishes in the final product.

The ISO 9001 certified & industry standardized materials purchased by the company undergo appropriate quality tests especially the paneles, like some of them are tested for resistant against moisture by immersion. As a design oriented innovation company, trains its people for designing, manufacturing, and understanding of the materials. Having a core team of nearly 50 employees in design, product development, innovation, standardisation, quality control and quality assurance section besides procurement & production, are on regular pay roll and about 70 as contractors. The company kindles its workforce’s innovative spirit with a number of short term courses and constant knowledge sharing sessions. has been has been on growth over drive and witnessing a YoY double digit growth and expects to expand faster with industry expansion and increasing market share in niche product areas. Currently, the company is working on designer yet modular furniture segments in collaboration with some of the leading international designers to bring international quality furniture to Indian markets at affordable price points. The company is also working on space saver furniture segment for huge segment of space constrained residential and hospitality industry. The company is also working on exciting and Do-It-yourself (DIY) product range-which can be assembled by customers themselves . targets to emerge as the brand of choice in Indian furniture Industry encompassing complete spectrum of product segments be it masses or class, solving mankind’s kitchen blemishes.