Weefa: Empowering the Farmers & Creating Healthy Society Simultaneously

Ravindra Prasad,FounderWeefa is one of the fastest growing Bangalore based organic food suppliers established with the vision to connect with the farmers and encourage them to grow chemical free and fertilizer free vegetables aligning with nature which will be much healthier for people. 'WEEFA' stands for the five elements which include water, earth, ether, fire, and air. The objective of the company is to bring an alignment between the five elements that are present in nature as well as the body. According to Ravindra Prasad(Founder, Weefa), this can happen when we take proper care of the mother earth and the food that we take in. The choices that one makes about food not only affect our health, but also have a huge effect on the world around us.

Since its inception, Weefa has been successfully providing unadulterated food under the guidance of Ravindra, a Mechanical Engineer by profession, who has served in a MNC for over 17 years and moved towards spiritual journey that mile 2.5 decades. He has travelled across India and other parts of the world, conducting workshops for corporates and the common man. His

approach towards bringing a change in the body and mind has worked wonders. The concept of Weefa was highly acknowledged by Padma Vibhushan Dr.B.M.Hegde and endorsed the products and services provided by the firm.

Weefa has highly capable nutritionists where people can take consultations depending on their body nature, as some food may not suit everyone

The food provided by the company is purely authentic and organic which is rich in nutrients and provides energy for activity, growth, and all functions of the body. All the products are bought from the farmer only after soil testing and it ensures to deliver what it claims to. This sets the company apart from the rest of the competitors who generally go with only on a government certification, wherein the company provides the soil testing and authenticated report assuring the product is completely safe from chemicals and fertilizers. Further, the firm educates the farmers on the importance of organic farming that leads to repairing and maintaining the ecological balance, as well as improving the health of the people. As to the chemical farming methods that come with a host of problems including health related diseases, degradation of the soil and water, and harmful impact on the organisms.

Weefa has highly capable nutritionistswhere people can take consultations depending on their body nature, as some food may not suit everyone. People are given health advice so that they can live a happy and healthy life, letting the body manage on its own without much of the health issues. According to Ravindra, food recovery is the main thing that can help people to reverse their health issues. The body can manage on its own like animals or people in the forest where there are no doctors, clinics or nursing homes. It is possible if we allow our bodies with the right nutritious food. Further, as Weefa forges ahead, it aspires to bring a smile to everybody's face and create a happy and healthy society by reaching up to the maximum number of people. "We have come to this world when we were young, how life was, and when we are leaving, we should leave a better world for the younger generation, and not spoil it and go,” concludes Ravindra.