Umesh Upaadyay: Empowering Individuals to Re-Assume Control over Life but Consciously this Time

Umesh Upaadyay,  Life Coach, Consultant & Motivational Speaker

Umesh Upaadyay

Life Coach, Consultant & Motivational Speaker

Every individual is unique, and so is their perception towards life and its various aspects. In other words, they have their own world. Life is not a bed of roses, and during some point of time, due to one reason or another, people fall prey to dilemmas or ‘difficult situations’ and are unable to untangle their Gordian knot. Some of them even get ‘stuck in the past’ and refuse to embrace their present! It is at this extremity that the need for life coaching is intensely felt.

Staging a separate side of life, life coaching raises the degree of awareness for higher possibilities in life. Breaking the existing thought pattern through guidance, support and empowerment, life coaching brings peoples’ life back on track or happier situation. Encompassing all aspects of life personal & professional, it caters to peoples’ state of mind, relieving them of their misery and empowering them to start taking charge of their life consciously. The efficiency of such coaching depends on the coach and the trainees’ efforts.

Inspiring Intellectuals to Aspire & Conquer
Instilling self worth & confidence in his clients through his commended coaching is Umesh Upaadyay, Life Coach, Consultant & Motivational Speaker with over 15 years of association with life coaching. Following a

way of life, Umesh allows his students to bathe in the natural journey of life, flowing freely, fully aware and living in the present, thus helping them realize their true potential and meet/exceed goals in both personal & professional lives. “The more we align self to nature, the best is what we can be in whatsoever we perform,” asserts Umesh.

Acknowledging his clients sans making them miserable but appraising them, Umesh accomplishes his objective of making them ‘feel good’and ‘in charge of self' on a day-to-day basis

Providing people with uninterrupted room to follow their instincts and convey their life story, Umesh ascertains their situations & feelings to chalk-out further steps. Acknowledging his clients sans making them miserable but appraising them, he accomplishes his objective of making them ‘feel good’ and ‘in charge of self'on a day-to-day basis. “Things not happening my way is normal & natural, and people suffering is understandable. But people suffer the most when their own mind does not listen to them. This is what needs to be fixed first, because internally how I feel is most important. I may not have control of the outside, but internally, I must feel comfortable and good,” asserts Umesh.

Services Encompassing All Aspects of Life
Encompassing all age groups & facets of life, Umesh’s extensive range of exquisitely crafted services include personality development, relationship management, time & work management, meeting expectations, personal & professional goals, career & growth, change management, love & marriage, and social & spiritual aspects. The preciseness & efficiency of these services is marked by the miraculous improvement people show after sessions.

Having served in several top MNCs across IT & ITeS, Umesh has accumulated extensive experience by utilizing every opportunity to explore, learn, implement, and enrich his wisdom. Constantly experimenting, he continues experiencing new perspectives and approaches towards life to further enhance his services and developing new methodologies. Volunteering for various NGOs, charitable trusts, and government schools, Umesh believes in empowering people to carve-out their own path to joy & success. Making the best use of his time, he aspires to conduct more & more sessions, and reach-out to even more corporates & individuals.