UFC Gym: Facilitating Well-Being For All

Farzad Palia - Chairman, UFC Gym India,Istayak Ansari - Founder And Managing Director,  UFC Gym India

Farzad Palia - Chairman, UFC Gym India

Istayak Ansari - Founder And Managing Director, UFC Gym India

Fitness is taking on a whole new meaning, especially with regards to latest trends and workout programs. Moreover, gym centres are looking at more inventive ways to attract people and equip them with proper fitness habits. With the idea of bringing more joy into workout practices, many gym centres are striving to bring strength, mobility and balance in an essential manner. Combining fitness with Mixed Martial Arts, UFC GYM brings a wide new range of techniques to create an experience that delivers immediate lasting results in a safe and fun environment. UFC GYM is the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship based out of Las Vegas, in United States of America. Founded in 2009, UFC GYM has emerged as a home to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

Under the well-known brand name, UFC GYM offers an array of group fitness classes, MMA training, personal training, and MMA-style youth programming. Conventional Strength Training, Cardio Training as well as Functional Training are also available here. One-on-one training by personal trainers ensures right guidance and brings the best out of individuals. More than a brand, now it
has turned into a community of people with shared interests focused on bettering themselves through disciplined training. Everyone seeks a pleasant, spacious environment with clean and simple but state-of-the-art equipment for workout practices. UFC GYM delivers these par excellence.

"Our classes are results-oriented. We offer MMA-styled conditioning classes as well as MMA skills classes, along with our signature Daily Ultimate Training Classes, Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, and many more. Furthermore, with the idea of creating a health-conscious younger generation, we have brought a program called Youth Classes into being. The intention is to inspire and guide the youth to focus on their health and fitness from a young age. UFC GYM is suitable for everyone. Whatever be your goal or athletic level, this is the place for you," states Farzad Palia, Chairman ­ UFC GYM India and Istayak Ansari, Managing Director ­ UFC GYM India.

A motto that empowers every enthusiast unanimously, ufc gym has tapped into the process of making the training styles of elite athletes available to everyone with their train different techniques

A Definite Winning Formula
A motto that empowers every enthusiast unanimously, UFC GYM has tapped into the process of making the training styles of elite athletes available to everyone with their Train Different techniques. It delivers a multi-disciplinary approach of Mixed Martial Arts combined with traditional fitness, top-notch equipment and world-class coaching styles. With the variety of training forms available, individuals can mix up their routine, break the plateaus and improve their overall fitness to a new level.

UFC GYM bears elite athletes who are well-versed in Mixed Martial Arts as well as fitness training. The brand with its 200+ clubs spread across the world has around 2,00,000 registered members. In its mission to expand the geographical presence, UFC GYM India is looking forward to add more than 100 gyms across 75 cities in India across all state capitals, metro cities as well as non-metro cities by 2028. As per Istayak Ansari, Founder and Managing Director - UFC GYM India, the brand envisions revolutionizing India to #TrainDifferent.