Tusker: Offering Longest Lasting Kitchen with Stainless Steel Modules

V V Prasad Chatran, Managing Director

V V Prasad Chatran, Managing Director

With growing modern amenities, classy designs, stylish interior and high-tech innovations, kitchens have attained revolutionary designs and functionalities. One of the superlative transformations is a stainless steel modular kitchen, as it accompanies stylishly pleasing designs. A majority of population feels it to be a costly affair in comparison to wood cabinetry and refrains from experiencing the kitchen ecstasy. However, Bangalore-based Tusker has mastered the art of manufacturing dream kitchens at optimal price, all the while ensuring quality, reliability and faster installation, changing the mind of people towards steel modular kitchen.

Innovative & Revolutionary Modules
A kitchen that can handle the morning rush to the daily dinner till Sunday feast in terms of comfort, tidiness and efficiency is definitely the dream of all. Tusker caters such elegance and excellence by offering an array of kitchens to fit
into various aesthetic choices and budgets. Its cabinets are RTA(Ready to Assemble) and DIY (Do It Yourself Kit which can be assembled by anyone in few minutes just by following the instruction manual available in the box), have pre-machined holes for hardware, and supports accessories & shutter fixing. The idea is to simplify installation, negotiate hazards, increase longevity and make it affordable. Most importantly, they are made-up of SS 304 steel (most versatile, durable and resistant to oxidation & corrosion) and are procured from Jindal Steel or Steel Authority of India (SAIL).

"Tusker has more than 600 varieties of cabinet designs available in different heights & widths which cater to almost all requirements"

Indians have a wet kitchen concept; people tend to use a lot of water and liquids to clean their kitchens. Wooden modules like Plywood, Particle Boards and the fronts made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) gets soggy and degenerates easily, whereas Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets last forever, as water or liquid of any kind never affects steel. Also, they keep the kitchen & home away from trespassers, as it is totally resistant to termites & pests. Tusker has more than 600 varieties of cabinet designs available in different heights & widths which cater to almost all requirements. While its adequately stocked facility ensures that no lead time is
required for regular kitchen cabinets, Tusker caters to specific requirements within quick turnaround time.

All of the designs are patent registered and compatible to most of the available branded accessories and hardware. To ensure high quality, the products are manufactured with the best machine available in the industry and undergo six quality checks before dispatch. Being one of the very few companies in the industry investing ample time and energy in R&D, Tusker sends its R&D team all over the world to get exposed to newer technologies, materials & design trends. As evidence to its R&D efforts, look no further than its recently launched exclusive collections of new products for Vanity cabinets section, which are aesthetically eye grabbers with strength of the steel in side and come with RTA/DIY kits.

Going Forward
“We are present in most tier-I and tier-II cities of the country and would become a PAN India brand in the next six months. We will remain as an innovation-based company. We plan to launch five new products in the next three years,” states V V Prasad Chatran, Managing Director, Tusker. The company aims to emerge as the brand of choice in Indian furniture Industry encompassing the complete spectrum of Stainless-Steel product segments; be it masses or class, solving mankind’s kitchen blemishes.