Tili Kitchens: Rendering World-Class Modular Kitchen with an Indian Sense of Utility

Sriram Ranganath & Chinthana Charan,PartnersTraditional kitchens that rendered nothing more than just a room to cook with limited convenience, customization, and convention are gone. With more populace taking up the urban color, there is high demand for organized kitchens with an exciting exposition of designs, enhanced facilities, and ease of cooking. "We deliver our promise," avows Sriram Ranganath, Managing Partner, Tili Kitchens enlightening how this Bangalore-based interior designing firm is filling its clients in awe sculpting a replicas of their dream kitchens by capturing every essence of the design they yearn for. Meta morphosing kitchens into a work of art, the company proffers complete assistance from planning to executing modular kitchens with enhanced spacing, durability, functionality, lighting, and design.

Rivaling most of the European brands in the Indian space,Tili stands out as a credible alternative to European branded modular kitchens with Indian sense of utility evoking an alluring look& style of European design and a magical touch &
feel of matchless finesse. When most designers run behind standards, Tili sweats on heavy customization juxta posing its standards with every need of the customers, by the virtue of its tremendously improved technical customization approach. Open to working with architects and interior designers PAN India, Tili rarely proposes any design until comprehending customers’ requirements and suggest flexible designs based on that, thus eliminating any change of fixed template.“I had several customers who failed to get the desired result from other brands and approached us to finally turn their expectations into reality,” reminisces Sriram.

Tili deploys extremely stringent quality checks to procure materials of the highest standards and ensures superiority in its processes

Kitchens with Unparalleled Finesse
Not just an amalgamation of high-quality finishing and design elements,Tili is one of the first Indian design organization to introduce international standards in the Indian market almost at par with international timeline. Inducing better planning and transparency to customers, Tili's innovative automated tool‘Kitchen Cost Calculator’(still under pilot) guides clients straight to the website to speak and understand how much a modular kitchen would cost. The customer friendly tool aids its customers in better planning
when they approach for further execution, enabling improved decision-making and transparency.

Leaving no room for any quality deviation, Tili deploys extremely stringent quality checks to procure materials of the highest standards and ensures superiority in its processes. For best-in-class kitchen accessories, the company collaborates with vendors across the globe, such as Renolit, Blum, Hettich, Bortholuzzi and so on, and most of its manufacturing & finishing are done in its sister manufacturing company for a novelty price. This is what empowers Tili to provide warranty and after-sales service (attends complaint in 48 hours). The company is obstinate in attaining right profit that fuels its ability in risking the next dare.

Walking with Experience
A technically proficient team of five members(four interior designers)headed by one of its stakeholders and a veteran civil engineer and interior design expert is the backbone of Tili that pride in a collective experience of 30-40 years of designing/supplying modular kitchen, wardrobes, and furniture. Putting in a good solid facility, the company offers high-class metal fabrication as well and spends a lot of time & energy in automating certain software processes capable of addressing all challenges. Empowering the designers to work from anywhere in India, Tili aims to embark its presence in 100 Indian cities. Coming up with a franchising option and expanding its presence in the whole of South India.