The Works Interiors: Designing Spaces that Define You, with Bespoke Furnishing & Innovative Solutions

Devika Khosla, Creative Director & Co-Founder,Raj Khosla, MD & Co-FounderEstablished under the headship of a husband-wife duo - Devika Khosla (Creative Head & Co-Founder) & Raj Khosla (Managing Director & Co-Founder), TWI thrives as a full-service interior design firm ensuring each project is carried-out under the labour of love. Engaged in handcrafting bespoke furniture & designing spaces under the light of its clients’ requirements, the company deploys some of the finest ‘Kaarigars’ (artisans) and craftsmen who ace the transformation of every project from mere ideas into splendid reality. Every project follows a meticulous process of site analysis and surveys, concept plans, designed layouts, material specification & fabrication and most importantly the well-assembled fact-file that guides a smooth execution of every task. To strike supreme quality in every service, TWI handles just a plateful of projects so as to max focus on delivering unsurpassed results. These guiding factors have driven TWI designs to diverse spaces PAN India, as well as to London further marching transversely beyond native horizons.
Its design solutions are in response to various elements that contribute to the space that is being designed. For Jorbagh residence, TWI proposed and designed an ambience that would incorporate the philosophy of Sattva living and create a sense of oneness and mindfulness within the Apartment. Bespoke furniture was designed by TWI addressing the specific requirement of the clients' request for low-level seating that would allow him to comfortably sit in the lotus position, was incorporated within various furniture pieces throughout the house, as can be witnessed in the low dining table and his study chair which is wider to allow for a cross-legged sitting posture. The client specifically wanted low lying seating arrangements keeping in mind his lower back problems. During his natural treatments, he found that sitting in the lotus position was indeed benefitting to his back, knees and core strengthening.

"To strike supreme quality in every service, TWI handles just a plateful of projects so as to max focus on delivering unsurpassed results"

Innovative Solutions & the Workshop
Trust drives the unique offering of TWI’s services, while hand-crafted work fuels its forte. Combining a mix of contemporary/luxurious designs with its signature-styled urban clarity, TWI challenges its own standards imbibing a refined edgy touch and a welcoming
elegance echoing the client’s personality on every wall. Targeting turnkey projects that derive meaning, the company proffers an array of services to its clients even so giving them the freedom of using their design ideas, soft furnishing and more with a choice of approaching personal designers of choice. Right from schools to residential projects, commercial spaces to homes, TWI has revolutionized the art of design even to the extent of re-creating the Master of Weaves-Gaurang Shah's boutique (across India) with imprints of handcrafted art in imitation of his stately collection.

Reviving a Dying Art
In the zenith of technology and industries, small-scale hand-weaves and crafts are perishing; realizing the extinction of this precious art, Devika stands up to its revival by opening channels for these craftsmen to continue their legacies as additions in her workshop. This deems the future of TWI, besides its optimistic possibility of being recognized among International Properties. To this distinction, Devika prides in stating, “With our well-founded expertise and the right amount of creativity, we aim at providing our clients with top-quality innovative solutions that never lack elements of intrigue. Our main objective is to win people over with our work and set new standards each time”.