The Museum Outlet: Fostering Art & Culture through Aesthetic & Authentic Artwork Reproductions

Karan Jain,President & CEO

Karan Jain

President & CEO

From the cave paintings of the Paleolithic age to the contemporary work of art of the modern day, Art has always been a part and parcel of humankind, pertaining through epochs and eons. A tryst of visual stimulus and emotional response, Art is analogous to beauty, memory, communication, imagination, revelation, revolution, and what not. Fortunately, it is not vaulted in the huge four walls of distant museums and art galleries anymore but being brought to the public to enjoy in their private spaces as well; thanks to the novel philosophy laid down by the art store- The Museum Outlet. Promoting art, history, and culture, this privately-run organization leads the Indian market of museum artwork reproduction, priding in a privileged partnership with prominent museums across the globe. It brings the time-woven tales of art to the doorsteps of people through its exclusive opportunity in recreating classic works comprising painting, sculptures, jewelry, porcelain, glassware, and various other treasures of the world’s public exhibits.

It brings the time-woven tales of art to the doorsteps of people through its exclusive opportunity in recreating classic works

Mecca of Art-Lovers & History Aficionados
Inspired by the novel concept of a Met store as seen in a South East Asian country during a visit, Karan Jain (President&CEO) ensconced The Museum Outlet in 2005 on the terra-firma of Delhi as the first ever licensed Metropolitan Museum of Art store in India. It dawned as a Mecca for art collectors and history aficionados keen to appreciate and equip authentic pieces of art which otherwise can be eyed only in museums. All its adaptations are high-handedly conceived by the connoisseur of design and craft under the vigilance of eminent artists and scholars who scrupulously research and conceptualize each piece to bring out utmost perfection in its creation. “Through our linkages with various non-profit organization, art galleries, and museums abroad, we provide direct access to the works of Indian artisans and craftspeople promising them greater visibility and recompense,” elucidates Karan explaining how the outlet organizes exhibitions and exports in India and abroad to adapt and promote Indian art and culture in best way possible.

Boasting of a 75-year family
association with Indian and World art, Karan through The Museum Outlet flaunts a rich collection inclusive of both adaptations of original world-class famous artists’ works and authentic recreations of jewelry, glassware, and so forth based on their indigenous forms in ancient and historical periods. It also proffers books on art (artistic history and movements), handbags (featuring artistic prints, design, and patterns), and line of desk decoration (to enhance the appeal of private home interiors). Primarily concentrating on paintings and sculptures (price points starting from $10), the outlet caters to a clientele consisting largely of middle class working professional aspiring to own an original or licensed facsimile of painting from Indian and international artists. Not only does the company possess a thick stock of paintings dating back to more than a platinum year but also have collaborations with over 100 Indian contemporary artists.

Art of Finesse
“My vision for The Museum Outlet is an alliance with highly dedicated individuals who appreciate World Art, adore culture, revere history, and honor the museum as a leading institution for sharing humankind’s works of finesse with the masses,” evokes Karan, the man behind the dream. Utilizing the internet to the best, the company has a website /online portal and has recently launched its own app on Android and Apple. It is also zeroing in the use of technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality in promoting and educating art.