The Hidden Hour: 60 Minutes to Hunt-Down Clues, Unravel the Mystery & Accomplish Your Mission

Ankit Agrawal & Aman Goel,     Co-Founder

Ankit Agrawal & Aman Goel

When IIM Calcutta alumni duo Ankit Agrawal & Aman Goel experienced saturation of entertainment for the masses, their entrepreneurial spirits kicked-in to revolutionize the entertainment arena in India. Launching the first-of-its-kind escape room games in the country (in Gurgaon), the duo incepted The Hidden Hour in 2016 countering the concept of virtual games by bringing the most thrilling ones to reality. Curated to trigger mental activity, communication and various other soft skills, The Hidden Hour houses several exciting and suspense pining themes that ensure utmost entertainment and fun for its audiences. Under five adventurous plots based on a Hijacked Metro – Bomb Diffusal set-up, Lost in an Island adventure, Magic show – a Treasure Hunt full of fantasy, a horror-filled Haunted Hostel and Space Wars – The Alien Attack(Science and Technology),these games truly incite a completely captivating experience clocked within a time-frame of 60 minutes.
With each game realistically designed, the attention to detail and authentic look-alike elements up the competition, making The Hidden Hour one of the most sought-after entertainment arcades in the country. The games are designed to suit children and adults between ages seven to 80 years with each room accommodating teams of two to 10 apart from holding exclusive arrangements for corporates, birthday parties and other social gatherings. On these lines, The Hidden Hour goes the extra mile offering specific programs for enhancing corporate proficiency by conducting various activities for boosting healthy competition, time management, leadership skills and so on, under the guidance of a corporate trainer/expert. For fulfilling a much awaited family bonding opportunity or a place that could frame a special ambience for the perfect proposal, if this is what one’s looking for, The Hidden Hour is the destination one needs.

"Specific customizations based on the age-group of customers are also made to ensure the efficacy of game-impact and the ease of levels are also altered for specific groups"

Escapade Indoors
“We are rated India’s top escape-room game by Google and awarded Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, because of our education and service background we have a special focus on customer service, and we carry a lot of experience in designing
games that are very interesting with positive outlook to each of them,” states Ankit. In light of this, the duo leverages world-class technologies and automation tools with the finest fittings and mechanisms, even implementing the best sound-systems and visual effects to ensure a ‘wow’ factor present in every theme. Aside these ingenious aspects, the games are shelled within an utterly safe environment that constantly lies under CCTV surveillance with emergency/fire exits conveniently placed within each escape-room. Specific customizations based on the age-group of customers are also made to ensure the efficacy of game-impact and the ease of levels are also altered for specific groups.

In fact the pricing follows a simple structure of Rs.600 to 1000/person with variations on weekdays/weekends and special discounts for bigger groups(10+). Gaining traction among audiences for its reasonable yet exciting entertainment platform, The Hidden Hour even branched out to Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. It has hosted almost all of the top-50 MNCs in India including regular events with Microsoft, Deloitte, Accenture, American Express for corporate outbound programmes. The duo also looks at expanding to major metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai with more launches expected in Delhi/NCR soon. Earning 150 percent revenue growth YOY, The Hidden Hour is sure to bolster the world of entertainment with its inimitable contributions in the same.