Tao Art Gallery: A Revered Center for Art in its Diverse Forms

Sanjana Shah (Creative Director) ,      Kalpana Shah (Director)

Sanjana Shah (Creative Director) &
Kalpana Shah (Director)

When the self-taught artist Kalpana Shah (Director) incepted Tao Art Gallery in 2000 to show case her individual collection, she envisioned taking the gallery to newer heights each day to show the world what Art in India means. Today, with her vision & commitment, Tao is a well-recognized branded-space for the greatest art/artists in India to showcase their art to the world. Sanjana Shah (Creative Director, Tao & Daughter of Kalpana) states, “I believe art can be found in every thing: installations, theatre, dance, literature, philosophies, music and all of these human expressions are an art in and of itself! It is necessary to create hubs that combine all of these elements into one symbiotic space and Tao therefore justifies its purpose in this regard.”

Privileged to showcase works by modern Indian masters like Raza, Hussain, Tyeb & Krishen Khanna in thedawn of its presence, the gallery today stands at the brink of transition, highlighting the importance and value of art rising again with a new era of ‘art appreciation’ in India. Tao has
further housed inventories of over 2000 artworks, with styles ranging from Modern Figurative to Abstract Contemporary. Sourcing its artworks directly from the artists toensure 100 percent authenticity, Tao also avails legit-sale options for its clients with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist itself.

"Sourcing its artworks directly from the artists to ensure 100 percent authenticity, Tao also avails legit-sale options for its clients with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist itself"

An On-going Legacy
Over its 19-year legacy, Tao has displayed eclectic mixes of art from experienced artists like Paresh Maity and Manu Parekh, also nascent’s like Ravi Mandlik and Brinda Miller. Besides this the gallery also displayed works of international artists like Jinsook Shinde (Asia), Ingrid Pitzer (German) and others. Divided between two exhibition spaces, an older Atrium Gallery that emits a classical feel and a modern Window Gallery that spotlights sharp-edges and white walls, Tao occupies a large exhibition space of 5,000 sq.ft. to go uncompromised on its distinct art displays. The gallery aims to showcase more contemporary forms of Digital/alternate mediums like Photography /Videography and Performance in order to truly represent a holistic idea of Indian Art in today’s world.

Occupying an invaluable part of Mumbai’s landscape, Tao has been also recognized internationally, invited to showcase at gallery exhibitions in Venice & London, and
has applied at Dubai Art Fair 2020. It also aims to create awareness to conserve this rich heritage under its ‘#Educate For Art’ initiative to conserve rich heritage of global art and allow audiences to explore them. Tao’s NGO ‘Tao Art Foundation’ aims to aid creative entrepreneurship and fund activities for the benefit of all arts, culture and humanity.

Strokes of a Positive Future
Tao’s ‘Tao Imprints’ service creates fine art prints of modern Indian Masters, which are strictly created with complete involvement of the artist throughout the printing process and are signed by the artist himself/herself, thus allowing easy access to great work to people with limited budgets. Providing holistic experience to the clients, the gallery offers consultancy service to help clients’ decide which art looks best in which setting and even recommend styles and sizes. It further helps start ones art collection from an investment perspective considering current trends in the Indian Art market. Tao even provides framing, maintenance and restoration of art either directly via its in-house resources or referring to appropriate external sources. With a positive outlook, Sanjana states, “The shift from being an uber-luxury commodity to a fundamental intellectual and creative investment has already begun. We hope to helm this change by showcasing quality art of all categories and sizes, and catering to all types of client interests whilst giving opportunities to newer artists.”