Superbottoms: Eco - friendly & Cost - Effective Advanced Cloth Diapers for Super Babies' Comfort

Pallavi Utagi, FounderA mother is always finicky about what touches her babies’ skin. Amidst the mind boggling diapering options between cloth and disposables, selecting the best that suits the baby as well as environment becomes difficult. Since modern parents look for safe and smart options for their little ones, Superbottoms gives a new-age parenting choice for parents who want to choose pro-baby and pro-earth diapering choices. “Providing reusable advanced cloth diapers, Superbottoms diapers are Stay-dry, baby-friendly, eco conscious, cost effective and above all, safety tested and certified,” states Pallavi Utagi, Founder, Superbottoms.

A bridging Cost & Fabricated Comfort
Established in late 2015, Superbottoms combines the comfort and goodness of cloth with the convenience of a disposable diaper. As an alternative to disposable diapers, the company has wide range of cloth diapers starting from newborn size diapers to Superbottoms Plus diapers
(perfect for night time diapering and heavy wetting babies that lasts for 7-8+ hours). Cloth diapering on-the-go may seem difficult for parents and hence, to combat this predicament, Superbottoms provides versatile diaper covers and diapering accessories like waterproof and odour proof bags to carry soiled diapers on the go. The products are not just functional but are also very fashionable with unique, quirky desi designs.

Since safety is always paramount when it comes to babies, Superbottoms’ products are CPSIA (US safety standards) tested and certified to assure complete safety of the tiny little bums

Since safety is always paramount when it comes to babies, Superbottoms’ products are CPSIA (US safety standards) tested and certified to assure complete safety of the tiny little bums. The diapers being completely washable and reusable relieve parents of high expenses as the cost cuts down the two third of the expenses over diapers. Adding to that, the portal has ‘Super Savings’ and ‘Try it-Love it’ section offering Advanced Cloth Diapers that are economical in the long run and an option to return the diaper in case it does not work for them, within 15 days (even if it is washed). “Any brand that has such a policy
must be very confident about their product. Right?” proclaims Pallavi.

Placing immense focus on Customer Service, Team Superbottoms is passionate to provide eco-friendly and baby-friendly diapering solutions. With a client-centric approach, Superbottoms follows a platform wherein the orders are processed within two working days without being charged of its shipping cost. Besides that, the company allows cancellation of the product until its shipping with a flexible return & refund policy for upto one month of purchase.

Innovating the Archaic
Bringing awareness about the new age cloth diapers is a challenge since Indian market is predominently ‘traditional cloth’ centric. Yet, the all-moms team who balances the profession with family priorities works meticulously to inform parents to secure the child’s health and his/her milieu. This has not just helped parents take the step of giving cloth diapers a shot, but has also helped build confidence in the brand.

With a revenue growth of 10 percent monthly, Superbottoms intends to build stronger portfolio for child-friendly products that are synergistic to the brand proposition. Operating from Mumbai, with a team spread across India, the brand has grown primarily via word of mouth marketing wherein happy customers educate and recommend the products to new parents.