Studio Vedanggraphy: A Streamlined Approach to Product Photography

 Vedangg Joasshi,    FounderThere's no dearth of people with the best cameras who can click a good picture. However when it comes to product photography, a good photo is not enough. The picture has to follow certain guidelines of each of the eCommerce portals and at the same has to have a professional look in order to grasp a buyer's attention. To get this right is challenging for both a new online seller and a veteran. Each portal has its specifications, and it is daunting to follow them, especially when the seller has a massive list of SKUs. This is where the sellers seek help from professional photographers and studios, but their experience with either has not been so great. Problematic communication and the chaotic manner of sharing product pictures have been the prominent, issues. Studio Vedanggraphy aims to solve them.

An e-Commerce photography studio, Studio Vedanggraphy offers high-quality product photography. "We have smart ideas and techniques for product photography and can ensure that the pictures adhere to individual portal's guidelines” says Vedangg Joasshi, Founder of Studio Vedanggraphy. He adds, "We have seen our clients' struggles and have overcome them with our software-based modules to track all the production activity”. The studio offers a range of photography options like models (including male, female,
and kids), product, creative, ghost mannequin, and catalog from their Thane and Bangalore centres.

The services begin with the studio understanding its client's exact requirements and expectations. Once the deal is on, they would request the products to be delivered to them. Here, if a client cannot deliver it personally, there is a provision by Studio Vedanggraphy where they will charge a fee for pick-up and return of the product to the client. The shoot is performed keeping in mind the requirements shared by the client. From here, they select the best images that adhere to the portal's guidelines and share them with the client.

We have seen our clients' struggles & have overcome them with our software-based modules to track all the production activity

After this stage, is where the clients face maximum issues; but not when partnered with Studio Vedanggraphy. Their team pays utmost attention to detail from the naming of the folders to sharing the email communication. They ensure that the folder name and email subject line are as per the SKU so the client doesn't face many challenges. Once the client gives the go-ahead with a particular image, the Studio Vedanggraphy team processes the image as per the e-Commerce portal specifications.

The image is then uploaded, and the studio returns the client's product. The team's experience is such that they can resolve any issue encountered during the production and even keeps the client in the loop at all stages of the shoot. The efficacy of their work can be understood from the fact that the studio is `Myntra' approved and Preferred Business Partner of `Ajio Business' for the product shoot of the respective e-Commerce portal.

Many clients wish to have a photo shoot of their products but don't have enough products to hire a studio. Studio Vedanggraphy can also solve this and has partners who can accommodate a one day shoot for a minimum count of products. Along the same lines, in the future, the studio aims to partner with digital marketing and cataloging agencies to provide a holistic solution for its clients. Studio Vedanggraphy believes that the quality of service must be paramount for the clients and is looking for partners with agencies with a proven track record of delivering quality services. The studio is also looking to expand its services to more cities in India.