Sparkling Soul: Sparkling Soul Explore The Extraordinary Realm Of Possibilities For Your Life

Shraddha Subramanian,  FounderBeing a product of our upbringing, we humans tend to set boundaries for ourselves based on our past failures. The fear of failure acts as blinders that limit our eyes from seeing the 360-degree view and the different possibilities available all around us. Empowering such individuals to explore the extraordinary realm of possibilities for their lives with its holistic coaching techniques is Sparkling Soul. Established by Shraddha Subramanian (Founder), the companies enables individuals to upgrade their belief system, change their mindset, and thus shift their beings in whole; say a lazy being into someone who is productive in one’s job, relationship, self-care and so forth.

An ICF CCA certified Leadership and Transformation Coach, intuition expert and an NLP Master Practitioner with 3000+ hours of corporate training & coaching experience, Shraddha leverages various techniques to pinpoint the root cause underneath, rather than merely solving superficial challenges that the clients come to her with. This way, whenever her clients face any challenge in the future, they are better equipped to identify the underlying challenge, look beyond their belief system, and chalk-out a pathway for themselves and learn from the challenge.

“I help them understand the pain & pleasure attached to their journey to become an upgraded human being. I coach them to get over their fear of pain, break the behavioral patterns hindering them, instil a positive belief system, and generate a strong commitment towards their transformation,” explains Shraddha, who has also penned a best-selling book – ‘Circle of Perspectives’.
An intuition expert, Shraddha senses the energy blocks stopping the individual and asks the right set of non-judgmental questions unhesitatingly, thus building rapport within the initial few minutes of conversation itself.

Sparkling Soul’s ‘Expanding Horizons’ program enables entrepreneurs, CEOs and working professionals to take necessary actions for identifying various opportunities available horizontally & vertically and achieving professional excellence that helps them to move to the next level automatically. Its ‘Sharpen Your Saw’ Program helps youth (10–20 years old) to get over social, peer & parental pressure, discover their strength & passion, improve their focus, and help them master their life skills, thus enabling them to build a lucrative career out of their passion. Facilitating women to become physically, mentally & emotionally strong and handle their responsibilities better, Shraddha’s ‘The Beautiful Me’ program helps them to find time for themselves, express themselves and take charge of their career path.

Shraddha leverages various techniques to pinpoint the root cause underneath, rather than merely solving superficial challenges the clients come to her with

Thanks to her 14-year stint in the IT industry in various leadership roles, Shraddha delivers unique corporate training programs such as College to Corporate (helps new joinees to set a goal and the right mindset for the mutual benefit of the individual & organization) and ‘It's All About Me’ bridges the lack of connection with self and teaches them to enjoy their work as well as life holistically. All these programs have a workbook attached with them, which further facilitate her clients to stick to the program. Her book writing workshops have immensely helped aspiring authors fulfill their dream.

Although her programs have similar structure, no two workshops of Shraddha are the same, since she keeps upgrading herself. Sparkling Soul is all set to launch more programs like ‘FathersTo-Be’ (help men to enjoy the moment and stay closer to family), ‘Couples-ToBe’ (instil common set of values for both to avoid future relationship crisis) and ‘New Mothers’ (help emerge above the physical & mental stress of maternity phase and build a career). “My mission is to touch 200,000 lives by 2023, empowering them to break their barriers, live their highest potential, and achieve greater health & immense happiness,” concludes Shraddha.