Simply Fresh: Delivering Fresh & Chemical Free Products Leveraging Innovative Practices

Sachin Darbarwar, CEOEver wondered how fresh are those fruits and vegetables in your nearby Sabzi Mandi? Considering the fact that they go through a chain of wholesale & retail ecosystem, it’s safe to say that they take at least three days to reach the market and by the time you consume it, the freshness is gone. To quell this rotten scenario by delivering genuinely farm fresh, chemical free and hygienic products everyday directly to customers, Simply Fresh was founded in 2010 by the duo, Sachin Darbarwar (CEO) and Sweta Darbarwar (CMO). This Hyderabad-based company’s farms utilize various latest techniques that are inspired by the Australian and New Zealand farm practices witnessed by the duo when they lived there. The farm stands out for its genuine taste, rich aroma & aesthetic appeal and supplies its fresh produce to supermarkets and malls across Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

Serving Freshness
Simply Fresh has a 10 acre vast land to produce 40 plus varieties of micro greens, 45 plus varieties of leafy greens, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, edible
flowers, ready-to-eat salad boxes and turmeric,combining quality seeds at their climate controlled greenhouses. By implementing soilless farming technology, the farm presents inventory readiness, consistent quality, and freshness of produce. Simply Fresh strives to maximize every drop of water through practices akin to re-circulation, and maximize the output and best shelf life of the products. Insect control at these farms is achieved through integrated pest management practices that include use of beneficial insects, neem oil and garlic, and pheromone insect traps. The farm also grows companion plants at its periphery to attract harmful insects, and provide a safe and protective environment to its products.

By implementing soilless farming technology, the farm presents inventory readiness, consistent quality, and freshness of produce

The farm does not rely on any third party or outsource its services to anyone. Having in-house teams for marketing, R&D, IT, and production facility (packaging, & dispatching), Simply Fresh maintains its own supply chain in Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai and cold chain to ensure guaranteed temperature control & timely delivery of its fresh products to different chefs, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Currently labeling its
products with the batch number, best before date and packed date to enable people to trace on the freshness of product, Simply Fresh is taking it up a notch to avail QRC code. When scanned, this code will showcase the whole history of the product including when the seed was sown. who harvested it, how many days it was in the system, and so on. Always trying to go an extra mile, the company intends to supply products round the year.

Simply Fresh utilizes various freshness retention techniques while storing of seeds, handling seedlings, harvesting the fruit & storing the products, and takes off the heat from the product before supplying to ensure better self life. “We vest keen importance in delivering the most sellable products by considering diverse aspects such as right size, and shape. For instance, if the shape of capsicum is not uniform, we discard it at an early stage in the plant itself,” assets Sachin.

The team keeps researching on factors like right genetics, suitable seed & variety, for the region, right taste profiling for the target consumers, economical aspects and so on. These factors help them in generating new ideas and products from time to time. The duo also travels across the globe to add new varieties and import seeds and look for ways to maximize product’s output. Simply Fresh is looking forward to expand its land from 10 acre to 150 acres acre land farming and the production capacity manifold.