Saurik Shah Photography: Capturing the Essence of the Moment for an Eternity

  Saurik Shah,    Founder

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs” ­ Ansel Adams. Photography is the art form of the modern-day since everyone has access to a camera and highlevel editing software. Product photography involves capturing products with the intention of displaying, advertising or highlighting certain features of a product. It existed even before the age of the internet and can be traced back to the early 20th century when photography and advertising merged. In the present era product photography is most commonly utilized by e-commerce stores or on social media and it facilitates customers not just with the specifics of the products being sold but also with images of what they would be purchasing. It is everywhere, from advertisements on Instagram to the clothing piece purchased while browsing through shops. It's impossible to go anywhere without seeing product photography in some shape, way, and form around us.

Saurik Shah photography is a product photography enterprise that specializes in tabletop photography for a wide range of products including skin care, beauty, food, lifestyle, industrial machines, and more. It was established by Saurik Shah, after completing his Master Craftsmen course in Professional Photograph. Great product photography takes into account the tools of proper lighting and background material, and the sharp camera focuses on the proper

depth of the field and highlights only the most important features of the products. The product Photography Industry is a rapidly growing and engaging industry, especially in the era of social media like Instagram, which has enabled a lot of companies to gain a huge clientele base. The main focus in product photography remains on the uncompromised quality of the picture because most companies utilize a single image to promote their products through their websites, e-Commerce, partner portal, and cover image.

I chase the light to understand the pattern and take an image when the light hits the object to create an interesting color

Over the period of years of doing product photography, Saurik Shah Photography has developed a planning strategy that goes into motion before every shoot. This includes communicating with the brands to understand their needs, preparation of a mood board with brand strategy, and customer expectation like the color scheme, and providing an expert opinion regarding light, set design, and more. The company ensures to guide the clients right from brainstorming the ideas to create a mood board to having a test shoot to the actual shoots and the final retouching and has managed to gain clientele with the likes of Numic India, Kissdoodles, Meuble India, Comet Studio, Sugar Cosmetics, Nykaa, Kay by Katrina, and more. At Saurik Shah Photography, the company loves to play with the three elements of light, color, and objects to highlight the embedded features of the products. “I chase the light to understand the pattern and take an image when the light hits the object to create an interesting color”, adds Saurik.

Future Roadmap
Continuous development and change in technologies and increasing demand for products necessitate the use of product photography in the industry. The adoption of an innovative and practical approach has enabled Saurik Shah Photography to deliver on its promise of quality consistently in time. Saurik Shah Photography is one of the fastest growing photography companies in the country and it aims to strengthen its position as one of the leaders in providing customers with the best services through the constant efforts of its team. The organization aims to create quality work for Indian brands which plan to launch their products abroad and considers it an emotional goal more than a commercial one.