Satliva: Exquisite, Unique & Safe Hemp Oil Skin Care Products

Harshaavardhan Reddy Sirupa &,   Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Founders
Harshaavardhan Reddy Sirupa &
Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Founder
From coconut to Moroccan oil for clear, glowing, and smooth skin, it appears that we've heard about every oil that we require, up until now. Outlawed for over half a century due to the intoxicating THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in flowers and their resins, the many uses of sweet Indian hemp have been overshadowed by the stigmatising narcotic properties of certain strains of the plant. Hemp oil, (not to be confused with cannabidiol oil, made from leaves, stalks, and flowers of hemp) is made out of hemp seeds. It holds the potential to re-invigorate the very base of skincare products. As such, Bangalore based company, Satliva, provides a unique range of luxury wellness products to offer the natural, preventive and curative benefits of the amazing Industrial Hemp Seed oil. Namrata Hemp Company, in its humble endeavour to initiate the process, introduced – Satliva, which contributes to a creation of an Organic, Natural, Non-polluting and safe Hemp Ecosystem for medical,
recreational and skin healing products.

The Right Nutrition for Skin
Skin is the largest organ and is porous, which make it accept everything that it touches. Chemicals cause an increase in skin stress resulting in hyper pigmentation or eczema, while inducing the natural oils helps the skin to get rejuvenated. Treating skin care products as food to the skin, Satliva avoids chemical usage by manufacturing its limited range of Luxury Wellness & Cosmetic products (except soaps and shampoos, which take 10 days to be ready to use), only on order. Only when the order is placed, the Hemp Seed Oil is extracted freshly, activated with certain sound frequencies, and then mixed with other 100 percent cold pressed oils & butters, in accordance with the closely guarded unique methodology.

"Satliva also works on educating customers about the prevailing misconceptions around Hemp and its usage"

Sourced from the Himalayan states and other approved GMP certified organic vendors, these hemp seeds contain the vital essential fatty acids, complete amino acid profile, vitamins and minerals that boost the skin health. Its products are beneficial to most skin sensitivities and with years of research, it has developed customized products to suit clients’ preferences and

As much as quality is taken care of, Satliva also ensures keeping application quantity significantly less where typically, a 20-gram face cream lasts for 45 days on daily application, as it refrains from using any aqua. The strict on-time shipping and 2-5 days delivery across India ensures providing fresh products under various temperatures. Furthermore, its habit of addressing clients’ issues in real-time enables it to build trust of clients.

The Way Ahead
Satliva also works on educating customers about the prevailing misconceptions around Hemp and its usage. Right from its usage to its preservation, clients’ doubts are clarified with utmost sincerity that involves making clients visit Satliva’s Manufacturing unit as well. This increases awareness and response of the clients that eventually harbors a welcoming spirit between Satliva and customers.

Launched in 2017, Satliva has witnessed sales from eight orders per month to 215 orders per month and is vying to further the sales to 1500 orders by September 2019. This endeavor is generating steam with the efforts made by the founders themself who are seen involved in the manufacturing processes to ensure that each product becomes a symbol for what Satliva stands for.