Sajag International: Transforming Organic Farming with Wide Range of Organic Products

Utkarsh Tyagi, Director
India accounts for around 9.50 percent of the total production value of global organic fertilizers. The growing consciousness around the benefits of organic products such as fertilizers and pesticides over synthetic growth boosters for crops is giving rise to the demand for organic alternatives by agricultural means. Traditional agricultural practice such as vermicom posting is known to result in long term effectiveness in terms of supplying necessary nutrients to soil in comparison to chemical fertilizers catalysing rapid crop growth, but prove to be hazardous for human consumption making the land barren afterwards.

However, due to excessive usage of chemical treatment in agricultural farming and the deficit regarding adequate infrastructure for organic fertilizing and farming in India, the market for organic products and growth boosters are still running at a low pace. Keeping major drawback prevalent in the Indian fields in mind, Sajag International came into existence to bring back the most effective agricultural practice of the country, the organic farming. They provide vermicompost customized as per the nature of the concerned land, organic honey and growth boosters. Sajag envisions the goodness of organic lifestyle and is committed to develop better resources for sustaining better health.

Quality Assurance
Sajal International provides vermicom post enriched with cow urine based pesticides, cocopit and rice husk. Their products are tested under the supervision of quality
assurance team. Their cow urine based pesticides contain neem leaves, garlic, arandi leaves, tobacco and red chillies. Sajag's organic supports to crop yield cures the scarcity of essential nutrients of soil and makes the land fertile for a prolonged period making the act of organic farming economic and shedding off extra maintenance cost. Their organic honey is absolutely pure and acts as a healthy alternative as sweetener. Sajag's R&D team is flourished with vast knowledge and experts in the concerned domain.

Sajag envisions the goodness of organic lifestyle and is committed to develop better resources for sustaining better health

The team personally visits the client’s land and studies the soil in order to come up with the combination of vermicompost fit for their land. They devise a specific set of nutritional content to detect the deficit in soil and customize afterwards the right fertilizer for its specific need. Sajag's innovative technique of organic farming makes them stand out in the market. They also provide consultancy and training regarding organic farming to encourage entrepreneurs across the country. Sajag International is certified ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 owning a highly advanced infrastructural facility at its production unit based at Meerut, Delhi NCR.

Vision for Future Utkarsh Tyagi, Director of Sajag International says, "We will execute our superfood segment by the end of next quarter. We are also building up our e-portal so that one can order from the website. To make sure that the product is ethical, we will also be mentioning a QR code on our packaging. In that, particular QR code all the videos of manufacturing, processing, packaging, the entire cycle will be shown. Also on our e-portal we will be putting out web series on how to do vermicom posting, organic farming, how to set up small farm on rooftop, what approach one can take to make life organic in a sustainable way. We want to establish Sajag also as an institution to nurture upcoming entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture. In the next quarter, our plan is to set up a systemthrough which we can collect the daily biodegradable waste from the households and temple areas and make use of it and come up with different products, compost being one of them". Sajag International Transforming Organic Farming with Wide Range of Organic Products .