RealMilk India: Empowering Diary Farmers with Direct Digital Collaboration

Srinivas Bellamkonda, Founder & CEO

Srinivas Bellamkonda

Founder & CEO

Despite the humungous demand for organic & farm fresh produce, we recently witnessed thousands of farmers with calloused feet march across western India demanding loan waiver and fair prices for their produce due to dwindled earnings, reasons being indirect sale, low social status, unorganized deliverance, rural indebtedness and so on. While most of the organic brands are seen to have deprived the farmers; on the brighter side there are certain farmer-centric ventures fetching them the most value and unimaginable profits. One such saviour is RealMilk, a single biggest market place for certified farmers & consumers (individual, hotel, hostel or bakery) to discover & collaborate with each other to sell/buy dairy products, based on the proximity and other parameters such as quantity, duration of supply, delivery timings and others.

Its unique mobile interface monitors, regulates, operates and manages the entire cycle of the milk sale as an ecosystem to eliminate the milk adulteration, ensure ethical treatment of animals, provide loans
& finance to farmers, protect environment and ensure that the farmer gets the best price for the produce.Endowing both consumers & farmers with choices (cow - A1/A2, buffalo & goat) & preferences, RealMilk also provides customizations like quantity of milk, duration of service, time of delivery, place of delivery, vacation breaks and so forth, which no other milk supplier has in their manual as of now.

RealMilk is a single biggest market place for certified farmers & consumers to discover & collaborate with each other to sell/buy dairy products, based on the proximity and other parameters

Superior Value
Reminding of the Operation Flood and The White Revolution in India, this platform fosters the sustainable development of dairy farmers to take control of their economic futures by improving their dairy farming skills, technical knowledge to improve production & quality.Proximity based milk delivery makes low cost operations possible, giving farmers 50 percent more price for the milk, while the consumers enjoy superior quality milk delivered at their doorstep for almost the same price with in three hours of milk production
Farmers also undergo strict standards based on the quality aspects to milk their cattle, treatment, treat animals ethically, dairy maintenance, water usage procedures, sanitation, in-house feed production and consumption, monitoring and assessing the factors that affect animal health. It allows quality customizations wherein consumers can actually visit their farmers nearby to understand the milk production process & dairy conditions, and provide feedback about the milk quality for quality corrections and building trust.

The Diary Connect
Ethics and Energy combined with Innovation and Passion drives RealMilk’s qualified and experienced program managers from diverse background – as a team towards improving the lives of farmers, animals and consumers. Generating one white collar job for every 500 litres of milk supplied, the firm charges a minimal Rs.4 and Rs.2 per litre from farmers & consumers respectively. Currently doing 10,000 liters/day around Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, RealMilk intends to seek an optimal funding for deep penetrated expansion across various districts in Andhra Pradesh and capture at least five percent of the milk market in India, while growing at 15 percent YoY. RealMilk, a social innovation, is on a mission to spread the awareness for quality milk knowing the plight of farmers and animals replicating the success factors across other states with minor differentiation based on local needs and demands.