Rays Power Infra: One-Stop Solution for Any Solar Needs

Rahul Mishra,CEOIndia is growing aggressively and has moved up to the fourth position in the international renewable energy market. Despite all the achievements in the renewable energy sector over time, India at present is still generating more than 70 percent of its required energy from fossil fuels. At such a crucial juncture, Rays Power Infra's spectacular green power generation on the back of advanced solar energy technology has come out as the ray of sunshine for contemporary industrial and commercial setups.

Rays Power Infra, established in 2011, has been one of the pioneers in the Solar Power regime & now an established player in turnkey solar EPC services, catering to the increasing demand in the country. With its presence in almost all significant corners of the country, the company has significantly contributed national solar mission.

"Rays Power Infra is an innovator in the development of green technology solutions that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, & cost effective. We are capable of delivering quick returns on investments, which has helped us gain the reputation of being a pioneer in the field of solar power generation,"explained Rahul Mishra, CEO, Rays Power Infra.

Offers Customized & Integrated Generation Ready Solar Power
Rays Power Infra is a comprehensive EPC
solution provider. It offers the expertise and tools to commission and execute solar projects of any proportion on a turnkey basis from conceptualization to completion while catering to the custom require ments of clients. It offers solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility scale projects. Apart from being an EPC solution provider, the company is known for its differentiated and unique co-developer approach offering cost-effective investment returns to private equity investors. As a reason, it has gained the confidence of its customers and investors'confidence in a short stint. Also, it owns projects in the IPP model for both ground mounted & rooftop segments.

Member at various forums, Rays Power Infra, contributes to the solar movement in the country

Rays has created a significant benchmark in the renewable energy sector, Rays Power Infra has added another jewel to its sustainability laced green crown. The brand successfully closed a progressive and futuristic partnership for generating and supplying power under various long term power purchase agreements within India and Southeast Asia. It is committed to generating over 500 MW of solar energy within the next nine months to offset the power requirements of 50 percent for corporate customers and 50 percent for utility projects. Out of this 500 MW, 220MW would be developed in India, and the remaining 280 MW will add to the brand's international portfolio. Rays Power Infra established 1GW projects in several states, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab and UttarPradesh.

Adding further, Rahul says,"Rays Power Infra has already entered the international energy market, but we strive to delve deeper into this industry. With this recent partnership with leading industry players, we are sparing no effort to reduce power costs and carbon emissions significantly.In fact our onground construction activities for generating the promised 500MW are in full swing to achieve set targets".

Hence, Rays Power Infra visions to be one of the world's leading providers of a green, sustainable, and energy efficient solution to create a greener planet for future generations. And, that's why the company is expanding its presence across Asia, Africa, and Australian regions. The firm will transform the global landscape by creating an intelligent planet for a better tomorrow. It will create a futuristic experience for every life touched, whether customers, employees or other stakeholders.