Radico: Unprecedented Organic & Natural Hair Colours Developed via Authentic Experiments

Sanjeev Bhatt,Founder & Director

Sanjeev Bhatt

Founder & Director

A quarter century ago, 100 percent natural hair colour was deemed as a myth. Hence, when Sanjeev Bhatt(Founder & Director, Radico)approached many scientists & experts for development of one, he was unanimously refused. However, with a strengthened determination, Sanjeev opened his own small laboratory and performed his own research & experiments. After five years of uphill battle,in 1992, Sanjeev not only actualized his vision and established Radico, but also eternalized Radico as the first brand in the world to get organic certification for hair colours.

Needless to say, withstanding the test of time, Radico has today grown into a globally recognized expert to be reckoned with in natural and organic products with corporate office & factory (Noida),and Indian distribution ware house in Faridabad in India as well as a distribution warehouse and offices in U.S. & Europe (Bucharest Romania). Radico’s hair colour product lines - Colour me
Organic and Sunab, made of 100 percent natural organic herbs are a boon for those who are allergic to chemicals. To cater those who genuinely believe in the power of organic products, Radico distributes its products exclusively across health stores and organic natural shops worldwide including CVS Pharmacy (U.S), Biocoiff (France), DM Stores (EU), FDC Natural stores Chain (Europe), Tokyo Hands (Japan), Mannin Health Store Chain (Hong Kong & Asia) And Amazon (India & U.S) to name a few. They have penetrated into a larger market segment, where in they are present in 550 stores out of 600 in India and abroad winning several prestigious awards from Germany, U.K, U.S., Dubai, and Brazil such as Best Performance in Quality by Council of International Award, U.K. (2002-2003)& Eco-Excellence Awards 2017 and it was Verified & Declared ‘Very Good ‘ by OKO-TEST, Germany.

Driven by the philosophy of Karma, Noida-based Radico steers its business towards success through true practice of ethics and honesty

Driven by the philosophy of Karma, Noida-based Radico steers its business towards success through true practice of ethics and honesty.
Sanjeev shares “we educate our distributors and final consumers worldwide, through seminars, lectures and social media, besides edifying our vendors (farmers) about organic cultivation”. Being a science graduate with MBA from one of the top fivw business schools in India, he is not only an expert of International Marketing but also one of the very few experts and specialists in this field across the globe.

“Continuous efforts are made in order to attain highest possible quality consistency in Natural products, which is a very difficult task as Mother Nature is not in our control”, he adds. Yet, the team that comprises of highly qualified research professionals, Ayurveda experts, and cosmetic production specialists render flawless and high quality products. They are well paid and are exposed to latest developments in international level availing a safe and healthy working environment.

Radico intends to file a new patent for a research of organic and natural hair colours that would be even stronger (gives results in just 10 minutes of application, although mild in nature) than chemical hair colours which is contemplated to be no less than a revolution. Aiming to spread its wings across 170 countries and further penetrating in India completely with due enlisting into BSE in next five years, Radico is turning into a promising global giant in organic products.