R for Rabbit: Making Baby Gears with Safety Certification & Quality Innovation




Looking for the best stroller for your little chap? – With all that cozy fabric, feather weighted slender design, safety certification and still not exceeding your budget! Well then you got a deal to catch on. For the first time in child care marketing with the state-of-the-art buoyant design, bolted in Aluminum and fabricated with linen, ‘Giggle-Wiggle’ might just tempt you to tuck in your butter cupf or a stroll.Everything shoots to priority number one when it comes to your baby and vesting upon the same, Kunal Popat formulated R for Rabbit a venture by a parent, for a parent. The company that took baby steps into the baby care dome in 2014, specializes in child care & nursery and boasts of over fifty varieties of baby products ranging from strollers, baby carriers, potty training seats, Tricycles,high chairs to cradles.

S for Safety
Witnessing a hefty exposure in the childcare industry, R for Rabbit resides on the deuce proposition of stringent safety standard and innovative designs
to provide good quality baby products which are safety certified and affordable to its customers. “Either it was exorbitantly priced international brands or cheap Chinese products by domestic brands. We found the gap for the thousands of parents like me who want good quality products for their baby with safety certification at affordable price,” proclaims Kunal. The company strictly sticks to its safety standards by validation and certification on their products by ASTM (American Standards Testing Materials)standards and European Nations’ standards which differ from product to product (EN1888 for stroller, EN14000 for highchair& EN71for baby walker and so on).

R for Rabbit recently launched Lullabies (an automatic singing cradle) which enables parents to define time with automatic swinging feature

The Feedback Mechanism
R for Rabbit products are sold online on their website as well as at all the leading e-Commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and First Cry a long with a growing distribution network for offline retail channel in different cities. Further partnership with prevalent courier services like Blue Dart and DHL (if the order comes directly on their website)
and Amazon transport services (if the order comes via Amazon), has made the delivery of the products easily accessible for the parents with a flexible 10 days of return and refund period on the delivered product. Catering to the pain points of parents, R for Rabbit innovates its products according to the customers’ feedback from the market. “We do the market research, talk to a lot of existing customers and observe the feedback of other similar products in the market places like Amazon,which really helps us to take actions,” explains Kunal.

Targeting to provide value for money for about 95 percent of its customers, the company takes the feedback obtained from the market and works upon it abiding by the American and European standards to come up with better products every time. The company recently launched Lullabies (an automatic singing cradle) which enables parents to define time with automatic swinging feature. Its automatic gentle balanced swing & 16 tunes & six nature’s music adds extra serenity to the ambiance, providing the best atmosphere for baby to sleep more comfortably. Relishing an exponential growth in the revenue since inception, this baby care company estimates a growth of 150 percent which will account for 2.5 times the revenue it made the preceding year, thus a projection rise of around 70 percent. Aiming to be one of the top leading baby gear brands, R for Rabbit is surging as a brand of trust among the parents.