Plus Fitness: A Fabulous & Futuristic Fitness Franchise Rendering Affluent Returns

Siraj Lalani ,Master Franchisee

Siraj Lalani

Master Franchisee

Ideated in 1996, Plus Fitness is an award-winning Australian fitness franchise chain with over 300 clubs around the world. The company continues to open a new gym somewhere in the world every 21 days, displaying the strength of both its brand and business model. 40 percent of the Plus Fitness franchisees globally are multiple club owners. Proud to be working towards a ‘Healthier India’, the fitness franchise renders top notch services at reasonable prices to ‘common’ Indians without sacrificing the profitability of its franchise.

Equipped with world-class facilities & high-quality commercial gym equipment, the gymnasium delivers marvelous classes and infrared saunas leveraging its Plus Fitness systems & service standards, which provide it an added advantage over its competition.

Siraj Lalani, Master Franchisee for Plus Fitness 24/7, explains, “If recent researches are to be believed, there are six million active fitness enthusiasts in India spending around $400 annually on fitness services, thus skyrocketing the Indian fitness industry to a whopping $2.6 billion market size. The burgeoning awareness on health & fitness, gym culture, personalized fitness training programmes, and rise in personal disposable income has been some of the market drivers in this segment. The fitness industry is growing, as consumers become more aware about their health and the benefits of exercising”.
An Agglomeration of Quality, Accessibility & Affordability
The USP of Plus Fitness such as global membership (allows members access to over 300 clubs globally) & 100 percent cashback offer for members working-out 250 days a year, keep its clients elated & motivated. Moreover, the company’s judicious price band of Rs.14,000-35,000 annually (location dependent) ensures abundant admissions and attendance.

Presently well established in western India, Plus Fitness aims at PAN India expansion & creating a network of over 50 Plus Fitness 24/7 clubs in the country within the next five years. This proliferation will not only augment the franchisee, but also build business opportunities for entrepreneurship enthusiasts nationwide.

Setting new standards in quality control, Plus Fitness conducts monthly audits and provides quarterly in-house staff training to maintain high grade services at all its franchises

Franchise Furnishing Feasibility for its Franchisee
Along with extensive & effectual support and backup to its franchisee incorporating turnkey setup, staff training & operation, marketing & month promotions, gym software & IT solution, ongoing support, and help to make the project pay back in 2.5 years, Plus Fitness proffers simple and sound processes & requirements to setup a gymnasium. At a nominal capital investment of Rs.1-1.75 crore & 3000-6000 sq. ft. of area, the fitness franchise facilitates its franchisees to generate an ROI of 33 percent and even attain break within 2.5 years.

Setting new standards in quality control, Plus Fitness conducts monthly audits and provides quarterly in-house staff training to maintain high grade services at all its franchises. Being an innovative & ingenious institution, the fitness company has come-up with new concept areas such as cross-fit training zone, booth camps, cashbacks, monthly challenges and group activities to stay ahead of the curve.

Recognized by prominent business magazines such as Forbes, Franchise India, and BRW Franchise as a premium, successful and fast-growing brand, and by Red FM as a fitness partner, Plus Fitness continues helping people achieve their fitness goals through its booming platform.