Petpal Technologies: One-Stop-Shop for Pet Food, Accessories & Drugs

Srivatsava Gorthy,Founder & CEO

Srivatsava Gorthy

Founder & CEO

If one tries to depict a pet lover’s psychology, one would know that they have more concerns about their pet’s health than their own. With the increasing awareness about the pet care products, many defy to rely on the quality and safety, while others have a hard time to find the suitable items for their pets. Similar pain points was observed by Srivatsava Gorthy (Founder & CEO, Petpal Technologies Private Limited) when he decided to parent two pups Steffi (Yellow Labrador) and Tyson (German Shepherd) after quitting his day job. He reminisces, “Finding the right food choices, getting it at the right time and knowing the right professionals like vets, groomers and others are the biggest pain points for most care givers”. He realized that concerned pet parents require a one stop solution to meet all the daily needs for their pets. Thus, with an urge to imply constructive reform in the animal care market, Srivatsava started Petpal in 2016.

Easy Purchase for Quality Products

An online store, Petpal markets 1000+ products of 20+ brands, which are eligible for same day delivery for the residents of Hyderabad and Bangalore, while standard free shipping nationwide. It trades pet food, accessories and drugs for pet, and the items
are sold at best price, accept free returns and can be paid through secure online payment methods or COD. Petpal promotes customer centric services, where pet parents can easily reach the professionals via email, phone or WhatsApp to help them choose a perfect item for their pets.

Though there are many brands selling pet care products, Petpal only considers those which have underwent thorough quality check

Though there are many brands selling pet care products, Petpal only considers those which have underwent thorough quality check. The company also encourages new enterprises that are venturing into the pet care industry. But even though their products are being tested, Petpal undergoes thorough testing within its close community of pet parents. If approved by the community, these products are then made available on its portal. What makes Petpal unique from others is the drug license that it holds, which enables the company to sell medicine if the customer presents a valid prescription.

Expert Pet Advice

Young pet parents often find it difficult to choose a proper diet for their furry companions or whom to consult for emergency needs. To help pet owners manage their pets like a pro, Petpal has created an online pet community forum, where caregivers swap tips & tricks to raise a healthy pet. It has a team of passionate pet lovers who maintain a blog to share insights ranging from pet care to food, grooming, medicines and activities like fun DIYs and pet-memes for an added amusement. For an expert consultation, Petpal website has a page curated for trusted contacts of featured professionals like vets, groomers and kennels from Hyderabad and Pune.

For the lost and needy animals that chose to stray the urban streets, Petpal came-up with novel technical intervention, Petpal Scouts. It enables reporting of lost pets and injured animals or pets by posting a picture and helps to notify the community, animal activists, vets or government authorities to take prompt measures. The company even has tie-ups with several NGOs and is planning to launch a crowd funding platform dedicated to animal campaigns. Enjoying a steady revenue growth of over Rs.25 lakh quarterly, the company soon plans to include a chatbot assistance to sell drugs online.