PetMed: Veterinary Clinic & Dealer of Pet Essentials & Medicine

Multiple incidents of dog abuse have shaken sensible minds of India. Recent news bulletins are flooded with reports of strays beaten to death, poisoned or driven out of the society, as the citizens are conditioned to fear the stray dogs as carriers of rabies. Such cases of ignorance have indented the mind of Dr. Amrita Chaudhuri(Founder & Owner), who was serving the local animal welfare society for two years and hence she started her own medical facility for animals called PetMed in 2017.

With the help of veterinaries and volunteers, Dr. Amrita has been taming the wounds, providing operation theatre facilities, and vaccinating and sterilizing the strays to gripe against the abuses. After the animals are treated at the facility, they are either sent to the foster care homes or to arrange a legalized consent to get adopted by pet parent who can afford the cost of providing, as Dr. Amrita doesn’t believe in selling the animals.

Veterinary Clinic & Consultancy Services

PetMed recently introduced operation theatre facility with standard medicare processes used for sterilization and trauma cases, handled by registered veterinary surgeons. The center provides mobile paravet services throughout Kolkata for any emergency need of medical health. The team also tames injured stray animals with the help of consulting veterans, who extent their able hands to all non paid operations.

Any pet parent seeking veterinary help can visit PetMed facility and those who require remote veterinary consultancy(in Kolkata) can contact the center through its help desk. Its efficient customer support team working 24x7 is reachable through calls or Whatsapp chat. As a part of its benevolent offerings, PetMed provides free of cost vet visits to the care givers who are unable to bear the cost.
Amrita asserts, “We tend to provide the best veterinary care facility to assist all animals through trained & authorized volunteers by Animal Welfare Board of India, who take care of the rescue work and co-ordinate with the local wildlife facility to attend the rescue”.

Amrita has been taming the wounds, providing operation theatre facilities, and vaccinating and sterilizing the strays to gripe against the abuses

Quality Pet Products & Accessories

With time, Amrita comprehended that most pet parents rely on multiple sources to find the prescribed goods or daily needs for their pets, starting from online stores to retail shops. “Whether it is medication, accessories, food or supplements, many shops fail to cater them all at one place. On the other hand, local products fail many a times to meet the quality standards,” explains Amrita. To address these quandaries, Amrita has transformed PetMed as a one stop shop offering only branded products from companies like Royal Canine, N&D, Farmina, VetLife, Pedigree and their professional range of products for canines, felines, rodents and other animals, under its umbrella

Dr. Amrita Chaudhuri,Founder & Owner

Products can be ordered via phone call or WhatsApp business with free delivery services within Kolkata delivered through its in-house logistic facility, and PAN India (standard charges applicable for other states) shipped by either FedEx or India Post. Every product is quality checked by PetMed QA team before being dispatched. In the process of being certified, Amrita aims to expand PedMed to a multispecialty healthcare center comprising of diagnostic facility, ECG and operation theatre apart from pathology lab.