PetBacker: The Airbnb & Uber of Pet Care Services

Harshal,Pet Backer Representative


Pet Backer Representative

The marked change in the cultural trends has revolutionized the pet care industry. From daily needs to pet care services, a digital intervention is all to meet a pet parent’s need. Guilt free tours for the pet parents have just become easier with PetBacker, which arranges a quick online booking of trusted and cage free pet boarding or a pet sitting, thus acting as the Airbnb and Uber for petcare services.

Pets attending a classic kennel boarding facility are often deprived of sanitary conditions. Vernon (Founder, PetBacker) too suffered this tragic incident, when he lost his dog due to virus contracted from kennel. This incident drove him to start PetBacker (a spin off from the in Singapore in 2017 along with Edward. Looking at the growing petcare market in India, PetBacker setup its base in the country in January 2019, headed by Swapnali and Vipin.

Its petcentric approach has touched the pet lover’s heart across 50 other countries. Believed to be the only such company that provides pet boarding, doggy daycare, pet sitting, dog walking, pet grooming, pet taxi, pet training and vets, PetBacker is the first comprehensive pet care app(available on web, Android & Apple) to cater multiple services with insurance coverage, to promise quality. Over 100,000 pet sitters and pet care
providers are registered under PetBacker app, serving major cities globally including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and many others.

Pet Centric Offerings

It is trivial task for the concerned pet owners to fish out the best providers to sit, groom and walk their pets when they have a busy schedule. With PetBacker, it is easier to request a preferred sitter or care provider by browsing or by broadcasting on the app. The app’s inbuilt AI system finds the best matches for their pets. Pet parents can then chat with the top listings to pick the most suitable service before booking.

This techsavvy company has loaded its app with pet-centric features like Moments to provide daily photo and video updates to pet owners, and Realtime dog walk monitoring with GPS map tracking which lets the pet owners ensure their dogs are taken out for walk. For the busy pet parents, PetBacker has Uber like pet taxi services that have pet friendly driver partners to accommodate your furry companions in their car, be it for grooming, vet check ups, for a short trip or pamper your pets.

Backed by Pet Safe Compliances

Pet parents are always worried when they have to leave their adored pooches in the company of a complete stranger. To avoid any pet nanny catastrophe, pet safety always tops the priority for PetBacker. The company adopts robust quality checks to ensure onboarding only the most trustworthy pet sitters. Each petlover enrolling for the petsitter job has to produce identity proofs, updated personal information and valid references to vouch their claim. PetBacker’s online pet sitter test further tests their pet care knowledge. To everyone’s surprise, only 30 percent of the applicants are allowed to join the PetBacker community.

It further provides transparent review for pet owners to evaluate the sitters. Any complaints or bad reviews from the pet parents or violation of the terms and conditions lead to sitters being banned from the platform. PetBacker also provides insurance coverage for pets for bookings made and paid via the company, which ensures Reservation Guarantee, Secure payments, 24X7 support for any unexpected events, verified to well reviewed profiles of the providers and plenty of Royalty rewards for regular customers.

PetBacker has served over 50,000 nights booked in the first half of the year and has tripped its revenue in the first half alone. It is investing more in pet-technology and is about to launch new features, waiting in the pipeline.