PAARX: A Path to Your Highest Expression

Christopher S. Verma,  Founder & Principle Coach

Christopher S. Verma, Founder & Principle Coach

In industry veteran as cognoscente, frugal and aficionado, Chris demonstrates the spirit of entrepreneurship, business values, ethics, and wisdom. As a marine professional who rose from the ranks to own a shipping company, and becoming an advisor for the Govt. of India in the areas of roadways, railways, and marine infrastructure & development, and setting upseveral successful ventures, Christopher has sailed a long way from where it all started. With a robust experience of over 45+ years in business consulting and people management, Chris has served various roles as the Group CEO and MD. Interestingly, he is a trained Master Reiki Healer, Spiritual & Meditational Healer and specialized in Angle therapy. He also does Tarot card readings.

An explorer by nature, Chris is now focused on working with, and supporting highly talented, motivated executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe to achieve impeccable results, whereby leverages on his core principles, knowledge, and expertise to help them focus, increase leadership impact and align their unique capacity towards accomplishing meaningful objectives, so that they execute with passion in life and work. “Everything started as hobbies for me. With time, this evolved into professional endeavors, where I really, enjoyed doing what I do the best. Now, I have reached a stage, where in I want to give it back to the society, help people realize their purpose in
life, and facilitate them to lead ambitious life beyond success, both professionally and personally,” avers Christopher S. Verma, enthusiastically.

"PAARX was established with a noble cause to provide coaching services for individuals and corporate clients to unleash their true potential and strive to push them to maximize their potential to go the extra mile"

PAARX, a brainchild of Chris was started with a noble cause to provide coaching services for individuals and corporate clients to unleash their potential and strive to push them to maximize their energy to go the extra mile. As the Founder and Principle Coach of PAARX, he has over 15 years of coaching experience with well over a couple of hundred clients, spread not just in India, but Germany, UK, USA, UAE, Canada, and Singapore. These clients range from young adults just starting in life to house wives, top management officials, expatriates relocating, business startups, established companies looking to move to the next level, re-engineering companies and more.

Building Strong Mentor-Mentee Relationships
Chris takes immense pride in his abilities to provide comprehensive tools, resources, and techniques to help clients identify their setbacks and thrive. One of his coaching hallmarks involves challenging the obvious and making change happen, seamlessly. Chris draws out of his clients their hidden strengths, helping them to leverage these more effectively to maximize potential. He believes that Brilliant leadership doesn't just happen - it’s intentional. Therefore offers personalized coaching experience that identifies an EXACT solution that works for individuals.

Today, PAARX provides a gamut of life coaching services from the lowest rung, to the top business and corporate executives across industries,be it Shipping, Medical, Real Estate, Railways, Airlines,
Logistics, Sports, or Banks to name a few, and Chris has satisfied clients from most business segments. The coaching services include The Breakthrough, Business Coaching, Group Coaching Happiness@Work (Executive Coaching), Job Interview Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Personal Branding Coaching, Personal Presence Coaching, The Giant Leap, Transition Coaching, Work-life Balance, and Image Consulting among other coaching modules. Keeping it simple and straightforward, Chris says “I seek to serve as an ‘objective outsider’ to both support and challenge in expanding their capacity, increasing their contribution and eliminating derailing thoughts and behaviors.”

“Chris quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. He is simply put….BRILLIANT” says Ernest Doel, sharing his experience as a mentee.

The Future is Bright!
The life coaching segment still in its nascent stage, the market is gradually gaining traction, and the many coaching service providers have entered the business with the mindset of making money, and are running the show without relevant certifications, or experience, or thinking about the results for the clients. Mumbai-based PAARX, on the other hand, led by Chris is bringing a new standard in the industry, where he himself is a certified coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder & ICF in NLP, Total Quality Management, Predictive Index Evaluation, and others, is set to change the dimension of life coaching experience to the next level. “As long as I am physically and mentally fit, I want to be of service to the nation. I want to be able to see people rise to their potential, transform lives and show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel,” concludes Chris, smiling.