Osadhi Skin Products: Handling Every Skin with Organic Care

Kapil Singh Puri,DirectorDelving into the Euromonitor International’s report as on 2016 reveals the fact that nearly 74 percent consumers are concerned with the impact of pollution and a more stressful lifestyle. Fueled by this increasingly health-conscious approach, they eat organic, recycle regularly and even use eco-friendly sprays to clean up their home. Well, this makes them more than ready to take the plunge into natural skin care because what these organic brands don’t use really matters: no unnecessary chemicals, fillers, parabens or additives. Catering to this dire need for organic skincare solutions with a link to plant based extracts and natural formulations, Osadhi extends its portfolio of organic products to a wide range of personal care segment for both men and women. Taking inspiration from Ayurveda, Osadhi balances the extraction process to maintain integrity and potency of the herbs while also ensuring that holistic effect of healing energies is cashed completely in its products.

Entrenched in 2017 by Kapil Singh Puri, this Delhi-based company incorporates the ancient therapeutic wisdom of Aromatherapy and essential oils in its product portfolio
to deliver a preservative-free, non-clogging experience along with personal care consultation solutions. He adds, “We are committed to make people experience the best of nature blended with the new age innovations to make their skin care ritual relevant in today’s environment and pollution”.

We are committed to make people experience the best of nature blended with the new age innovations to make their skin care ritual relevant in today’s environment and pollution

When Nature Showers Care
Whether you’re looking for skin friendly creams or paraben-free shampoos, the company proffers a gamut of assorted solutions that do as much good for your skin as the Earth. Everything, from skin products (cleansers, toners, sunscreens, balms) to hair products (shampoos, hair oils, scalp care), body care products (packs, scrubs, bath necessities) and men essentials, Osadhi has it all. Inventive in nature, the company works on a unique concept of non-invasive beauty care, the products of which are fortified with the best of plants /essential oils, seeds, and organic earth. On top of the line, Osadhi customizes its formulas and adapt formulations as per clients’ skin while rendering contract manufacturing services. “At Osadhi we are continuously
innovating and develop products after trials on relevant skin types for as long as six months. We are presently in the process of building a sulphate free hair care portfolio which can also be used by the Hotel/Spa/Salon industry,” elucidates Kapil.

Back in times, when people were settling with eco-friendly products, compromising with end results or losing patience during the process became the choice of many. However, Osadhi believes that educating customers about cosmetic ingredient, its specific targeted result and creating awareness about harsh chemical treatments that makes skin even more photosensitive and prone to tanning, aids these quandaries. The company takes inputs from the Aesthicians, Dieticians, Cosmetologists and dermatologists to master its competitors and create aesthetic products.

Expansion At Par Excellence
Having pioneered product development and delivery expertise with end-to-end solutions, Osadhi also leverages the industry by proffering the benefit of private labeling, contract manufacturing and packaging for 'ready to launch' skin and hair care range. Expanding its marketability by word of mouth, the company has proto typed its B2C portfolio expansion plans by reaching out to relevant customers by means of digital marketing stratagem. The venturesome investors and young entrepreneurs looking to place their chips by doing medium scale/boutique manufacturing of their product portfolio, partnership with Osadhi is worth a closer look.