On Track You: Offering Innovative Fitness Equipment At Econonical Prices

Bhavesh Rajdeep,Founder & CEO

Bhavesh Rajdeep

Founder & CEO

When it comes to sports equipment, India is as positioned among the top providers in the segment as other countries. The Europeans were the trendsetters of the industry and catered to a huge market. Mostly, the finished products in India are imported from China which brings us to the realization that we need more investments and government support so that we don’t settle on imports. Instead, we can export quality products to another countries.

Established in 2012, On-Track You offers multiple kinds of exercise equipment through its product line & continuous research and explorations. The company started by Mr.Bhavesh Rajdeep at a very small scale is now a multinational brand.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
The products are made of superior quality with ISI hall marked raw materials that provide efficiency and durability. There is an entire range, catering to different uses and fitting different budget requirements of the customers. The company is working towards launching its cardio equipment line soon.

The company provides all sizes of heavy workout equipment, like high quality adjustable dumbbells, power range functional trainers, power racks, home gyms, etc. The design and development team looks after the precision and quality of the product. OnTrackYou uses state-of-the-art software for designing dynamic, exciting, and user oriented wellness products. The brand also has its innovative range of products, which includes DumFlex (Adjustable Dumbbells), Smart Rap Counter, Premium Dumbbells, and Inertia System, to name a few. DumFlex is right now the flagship product of OnTrackYou.

The company then goes for bulk production. All the products are designed according to the international standards. On the quality front, fitness equipment undergo multiple quality checks, inspections and supervisions. OnTrackYou strongly supports Make in India initiative and is a proud partner of the Govt. movement. They provide world class fitness & wellness equipment with all products purely Made in India.

All the products are tested accordingly with
the customer responses. Based on the customer reviews, the products undergo a continuous process of modification to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Due to non-availability of resources, lack of investments and high GST, the indian market involves maneuvering challenging grounds

The InHouse Team Is The Most Valued Asset Of The Company
The in house team at OnTrackYou is perfectly coordinated, and the processes and departments are integrated. With strong agile teams & thorough QA practices, it delivers consistent, highquality fitness products to global customers. As a believer of a healthy work environment, the company constantly encourages employees through scheduled meet ups.

The internal and external teams co-ordinate through weekly meetup so that there are no loopholes in the process. The employee strength comprises a mix of young and experienced professionals working in IT, Mechanical, EC, Sales, Purchase, Administration, and Production Domains, respectively. The company goes above and beyond to provide the customers fitness equipment that are not only biomechanically sound, but also tested to suit the usage patterns.

The Indian Market Has Greater Opportunities To Leverage
The Covid scenario was a tough one to handle. However, through constant efforts and motivation, even the heaviest machineries were securely delivered at the customers' doorstep by the team.

Besides, the customers are motivated more towards imported products, considering the quality and design aspects. The other dependent factors are price surge, managing labour, process optimization, research, etc. The company, with a never backdown approach, is gradually overcoming many of these challenges. While a few of them require more support from the Government bodies.

OnTrackYou is working towards gaining important certifications to export in the European markets and also has high hopes for its cardio equipment line that it plans to launch soon. Also, a corporate hub is under construction in a 1.25 Lakh Sq.Ft. area with modern amenities to bring all company operations under one roof and give customers an experience they never imagined.

Bhavesh Rajdeep, CEO
After completing his schoolings from Kendriya vidyalaya in 1998, Bhavesh took Bachelor's degree in Physics and masters in computer Applications and Computer Engineering. First step to success in his carrier started as a software developer in Confidential and founded ‘kinetic Dreamers' in2007. Encouraged by make in India swadeshi movement, founded On Track You in 2015 with an aim to provide high quality, cost effective gym equipment manufacturing services. With an experience of over 15 years in the information technology and services industry, Bhavesh Rajdeep believes that sustaining a strong team and customer centricity are key to success in business.