Oliver Pet Care Solutions: Trusted Pet Supplies at Your Doorstep

Jeru Jeejeebhoy, Director,Fram Petit, Co-Founder

Jeru Jeejeebhoy, Director

Fram Petit, Co-Founder

Pet care is more than just food. It is about keeping them safe, sound and healthy, which requires a number of products and devices. But finding quality world-class products at one place is a task for pet owners. To address this predicament, Jeru Jeejeebhoy, along with Fram Petit, founded Oliver Pet Care Solutions in 2014. The company chooses(curates) and promotes only the best and safest products for the pets, ranging from grooming devices to healthcare products.

Though pets adapt themselves to co-exist with our domestic arrangements, they often are ruled by their natural instinct to hunt and explore, which are much common among the adult dogs. With pet-trackers, it became an easy task to locate the runaway pets globally. It also puts an owner in charge of pet safety and exercise on their daily walk Oliver Pet care tested many pet-trackers in the market and according to the reviews gathered, & hands-on testing, selected Tractive trackers that provide consistent readings, highest shelf life and can be reused for other animals as well (even children). It is consistently rated one of the most reliable trackers, globally.

Many pets with congenital disability,suffering from post-accident trauma or with age lose their ability to run/walk. For a complete rehab, Oliver Pet Care has a range of mobility and physiotherapy aids which are pettested, sturdy and are available in all
varying size and shape. To assist petparents seeking medical help or a foster care for their pets, the company’s website lists a number of veterans and NGOs, so that they can easily reach the best consultant for any emergency. Oliver Pet Care also provides other services like pet photography and Craniosacral Therapy exclusively at its Mumbai headquarters.

For a complete rehab, Oliver Pet Care has a range of mobility and physiotherapy aids which are pettested, sturdy and are available in all varying size and shape

Pet Approved & Tested Products

Due to lazy authorities and poor regulatory laws for the pet-care market, Oliver Pet Care has its own quality control protocol to ensure the safety of products it sells. Following the industry trends, Oliver Pet Care runs a thorough market research and contacts the manufacturer for a detailed profiling of the items. The manufacturer then shares a factsheet and a manual with the company, where the products are screened according to their safety, efficiency and durability. Finally, a group of pets get to try the products. If the pets are happy and serve the purpose with no apparent discomfort, then only the items are ready for sale. One such concern is the influx of packaged, dry pet food, which may have long term consequences on your pets health. Oliver Pet Care refrains from selling such items and promotes fresh, wet food for all animals. Jeru states, “What we don’t allow our pets to use, we don’t allow your pets to use”.

Adapting Eco-Friendly& Pet-Friendly Solutions

When people travel with pets, attend pet meets or visit the veterinarians for their regular checkups, sharing of feeding bowl, as it can spread infections. To take care of such concerns, Oliver Pet Care majorly focuses on organic and plastic free products which are pet friendly, travel friendly, hygienic and good for environment. The product list is equipped with innovative products like feeding bowls made of sugarcane, eco friendly disposable litter bags and more, which can be carried easily causing no extra baggage. To take forward the good work, the company is consulting the veterinarians regularly and stresses to launch new products to extend its rehabilitation range and medical devices. “We just intend to grow and bring innovative technologies in India for our pets so that the house owners lead a better life and can manage their pet,” concludes Jeru.