OAKTREE Kitchens: Crafting Aesthetically Pleasing & Functionally Superior Kitchens through Customer-Centric Approach

Aravind Kashyap,Managing Director

Aravind Kashyap

Managing Director

A house is nothing but bricks, stones, and woods; but what shapes a home is a loving family and a lively kitchen. Pouring life into an immortal building is a work of emotions, feelings, and understanding that reverberates within a family, which is cooked and shared in a kitchen. Given the prominence that a kitchen holds in a household, sculpting that perfect dreamy kitchen is no less than dolling up a bride for a wedding. Taking such big responsibility on its shoulders is OAKTREE Kitchens, the maestro of kitchen crafting, a fully integrated company with its in-house designing, manufacturing, and installation unit."A kitchen that works well, looks good, serves best, and is specially made for you, is what we promise," avows Aravind Kashyap, Managing Director, OAKTREE.

From the morning rush to the Sunday spread,a kitchen which is able to grip anything in terms of comfort and efficiency is undoubtedly the dream of all, catering such elegance and excellence combined is OAKTREE that offers an array of kitchens to cater to various aesthetic choices and budgets. Their designs provide a perfect
blend of styles from across the globe, all moulded using state-of-the-art German parts and technology.

A tryst of efficiency in modern manufacturing and quality in traditional craftsmanship proffers OAKTREE with magic hands to embark works of finesse in its own manufacturing unit

Blend of Comfort & Efficiency
Ensconced in 1996, the Bangalore-based OAKTREE is a 50 member team that boasts of its two decades of experience and 3000+ executed projects across South India. An early adopter of innovative yet practical solutions, it shows a strict no sign to any cookie-cutter solutions whilst offering its range of kitchen organizers and accessories imparting improved functionality and space planning. Turning every kitchen into a stage and giving a spotlight to people’s cooking skills, OAKTREE Kitchens employs a human-centered design approach ensuring empathy with the users and customizing solutions as per their needs and desires.

OAKTREE is a bespoke kitchen designer that assimilates the people’s personal cooking habits and designs a tailored made kitchen best resembling their culture and habits through its six-step procedure that starts by surveying the clients’ needs followed by designing, personalization, manufacturing, installation, and care in terms of servicing for its lifetime.
Portraying how they weigh client satisfaction way more than money, Aravind evokes, “Users of our kitchens are at the center of an OAKTREE design,” reminiscing the story of a family for whom it designed and executed a kitchen in their farmhouse, which was dearly cherished by their young son who enjoyed cooking. After few years, when the son was leaving for London for higher studies, he asserted that the one best thing that he wished to take with him was their kitchen.

A tryst of efficiency in modern manufacturing and quality in traditional craftsmanship proffers OAKTREE with magic hands to embark works of finesse in its own manufacturing unit possessing an install capacity of 100 kitchens a month. It is also a one-stop-solution for various facilities such as panel processing, woodworking, veneering, lacquering, and granite counter processing. The company sources high quality raw materials from select local and foreign vendors conforming to relevant European norms and Indian standards, which are then carefully curated to satiate the aesthetic and functional demands of a kitchen. Besides, utmost care is taken while storing, processing, packing, and delivering the kitchens guaranteeing durability and quality. Walking closely with technology, the company’s in-house R&D team not only develops new and practical products but also improves the production processes continuously. Poised to grow more from dealer networks through its streamlined process, OAKTREE is set to spread its wings across major cities of India.