Nirvana Yoga Shala: Nurturing Yogic Minds with Right Spices of Yoga Tantra

Shashie Kumar T ,FounderBusy city lives have sprung-up newfound distress in their path of well-being until the world learned about yoga, a wonderful technique in the dictionary of Sapien-science passed-down by the Indian yogis after years of true ‘sadhana’. The outreaching benefits of yoga amazed people across the globe, where many traced back the traditional history and started visiting India, the birthplace of yoga. Since then, India became a happening travel spot of yoga tourism. Amongst many such abodes of learning, Nirvana Yoga Shala is ideated to spread a deeper understanding of the Ayurvedic and anatomical aspects of yoga. The school attracts a huge western crowd every year, where 99 percent of its students are foreigners who come to experience the true essence of yoga.

Shashie Kumar T (Founder, Nirvana Yoga Shala), a black-belt in Karate, Osho scholar and yoga master, has comprehended the ancient art form on a whole new different level. Shashie believes, “Instead of being abided within a singular thought loop, one should aim at gaining a multi-directional possibility to grow as a complete human being”. In Nirvana Yoga Shala, alongside the physical yoga, he preaches the philosophy in performing the art of yoga in self-discovery by breaking the shackles of mental bindings. Also, the resident teachers of the yoga shala hold years of experience in honing each yoga style, with national records in challenging yoga experts.
Be it ‘Mysore style’ experience of Ashtanga Yoga, confidence building through flexibility with Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga postures and even a true spiritual experience with its 90 minutes of Kundalini Yoga classes, it offers all. The need for intellectual well-being is addressed with yin yoga, pranayama, and meditation, and lessons on Ayurveda and human anatomy impart the scientific understanding of yoga. Weekend excursions are also included with the regular courses, and being based in Mysore, there are plenty of places to educate the minds about the royal heritage of India. After short-term courses, many students tend to forget the forms and postures that they are taught during the courses. Hence, Nirvana Yoga Shala took a new initiative to counteract the knowledge-gap by posting free practice videos on Youtube.

Nirvana Yoga Shala is especially recognized for the quality of the Teacher’s Training (TT) courses it provides. The offered courses are authorized by Ayush (yoga certification board of India) to pass-on the scientific know-how in facilitating safe yoga for others. The training process is quite intensive, which starts with early morning pranayama (breathing practice), then Asanas (physical posture), followed by diet, Ayurveda and teaching methodology (how to teach others) classes. The certification is applied for 200 hours, 300 hours or combined two months course for 500 hours, and then TT is issued by International Yoga Alliance.

Instead of being abided within a singular thought loop, one should aim at gaining a multi-directional possibility to grow as a complete human being

Lavish Lodging Facility
Considering that the courses are often stretched for a longer duration, instituting stay facilities for the foreign nationals is a must. The institute has two stay facilities – Nirvana Yoga Shala and Osho Glimpse Mysore worth Rs.6 crore with 27 international standard rooms for stay, dining provisions, and a cafe to spend the recces. In-house arrangements like Sauna, Jaques, and Spas are arranged for post-yoga relaxation of the students. In attracting more students to visit the school, it conducts international workshops in America, Czech Republic, Iran, Dubai, and other countries for yoga awareness. Now, with Nirvana Well-Being (online classes) and its new studio in LA, America, it is preparing itself to spread the traditional glory of yoga to the western parts of the world.