Nine Colors: Endeavor Customizable Ethnic Wear to Meet Traditional And Fashionable Needs

Jigar Agarwal,Founder & CEO

Jigar Agarwal

Founder & CEO

No matter how much girls love wearing and flaunting western dresses; Ethnic Indian dresses hold a special place in their hearts. The vibrant colors, intricate embroideries, and rich fabrics make their hearts melt for the gorgeous Indian attires. If you love to wear ethnic but find yourself in a whirlpool of thoughts as to what will suit you, Mumbai based Nine Colours can help you narrow your options. Nine Colours is an online outlet where women can shop for Indian ethnic wears suitable for all occasions, which are otherwise not available locally. The company brings its customers a vast variety of Regional, National and International brands across all the categories.

“The company was established in 2013, when I was 20 years old, as an eCommerce website. The website was about Indian Ethnic wear where we provided a wide range of products catering all your ethnic needs. This is a one stop shop for all those things that are required by wonderful women for a wonderful evening. We have been doing a lot of international business too primarily in the UK, Australia, and South Africa”, said Jigar Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Nine Colors.

Products With Customization Features
Nine Colors offers an immense gathering of dazzling Indian ethnic plans appropriate from
sarees, suits, salwar kameez, lehengas, kurtis, gowns to an extensive variety of Bollywood motivated accumulation with a stunning scope of jewelry and accessories to coordinate the clothing. The company also offers men's wears like sherwanis, jackets, and kurta pajamas. For children too, Nine Colors offers some amazing ethnic wear collection. Additionally, the company puts forth customization options for customers via digital boutiques. This spares them the effort to chase tailors for stitching. Right from customized tailoring for every masterpiece to worldwide shipping to over 200 countries, Nine Colours is all set to take the ethnic wear market to the next level. With its subtle range of products, the company endeavors to build a solid platform for all ethnic lovers.

Furthermore, with such extensive products, the company has to deal with lots of challenges. At the time of inception, the biggest challenge was to invest in technology which was too expensive. Secondly, the industry Nine Colors was catering in 2013 when online things were unorganized listing of products online has become very difficult at that time. Thirdly, to convince people to sell or buy products online was not that easy. But today as everything is online and the industry is at a very comfortable level. Now, Nine Colors is very specific to the kind of advertising and branding. The company wants to launch products with the perception to create an image first in the market. And to do so the company is focusing more on social media branding that is Facebook ad, Google ad, etc. Afterward, the company wishes to be a more revenue-driven brand than of visibility to get as much sell as possible.

Right from customized tailoring for every masterpiece to worldwide shipping to over 200 countries, nine colours is all set to take the ethnic wear market to the next level

More so, having such efficient products brings Nine Colors 200 percent revenue rate per year. Last year, the company reached 6.5cr and hopefully this year it will end with 12-15cr. Further, the company is planning to open offline segments in Mumbai region and also giving out franchises throughout the world. In the near future, the company is launching wide range of exclusive products which will be available on their website only. Nine Colors’ aim is to be clients’ preferred choice in Ethnic wear and meet all their stylish traditional and fashionable needs with artistry and style.