Neelanjan Gupto Design Co & Interio Source: Conceptualizing Opulent & Comfortable Design Spaces

Neelanjan Gupto,Founder & Director
Neelanjan Gupto, Founder & Director

Being home to design marvels such as the Mysore Palace and Chittor Fort, interior designing is ironically, still an unheard concept to many in India. However, with the influx of social media and increasing awareness of the population, especially in the urban areas, interior design is no more an unfathomable luxury. Making houses homes through well-thought design spaces, Mumbai-based Neelanjan Gupto Design Co & Interio Source has been pushing boundaries in the design realm and achieving the coveted status of being one of the best-in the city. With an experience of 15 years, including five years of international experience, Neelanjan Gupto (Founder & Director) and his highly experienced team designs spaces in hues of bold colours & prints with designs speaking volumes about the customers, while maintaining a sharp focus on their needs, goals and aesthetic objectives. “It’s all abstract for us and it’s all about a mood or an
"Neelanjan Design Co. prioritizes balance in its designs which is reflected through it work grounded in traditional and contemporary values"

emotion we want people to feel when they walk into a space designed by us,” states Neelanjan.

Customization as the Key
Neelanjan Design Co. prioritizes balance in its designs which is reflected through it work grounded in traditional and contemporary values. Having worked for more than 100 residential, as well as commercial projects including villas, hospitality, retail stores and corporate offices like Fabindia, Hindustan Unilever and many others, the organization designs spaces that satisfy the client’s original vision, while seamlessly incorporating breath-taking beauty elements and forward-thinking functions. Before shifting the project in full gear, the team presents the client with a list of 20 questions to gauge their personal preferences.

The designs are executed meticulously by first identifying the prospective asset, then setting corporate identity, design module, along with customized designing of project, and high quality while ensuring time bound execution of the same. The final idea is subsequently presented in 3D visuals to help clients envision the upcoming space. “We don’t just
design rooms merely based on a client brief. We aim to create bespoke environments that are packed with personality and panache,” states Neelanjan. According to him - the trick lies behind effectively managing people and their expectations.

A Technical Reinforcement
Through its concepts, the team delivers socially neutral, technically driven and earth integrated designs that adhere to the law of nature, adaptability as well the industrial evolution. Due to its heart-winning projects, clients now allow Neelanjan Gupto Design the complete freedom to own the project and create design spaces that are non-controversial and ecologically sustainable. Nelanjan further adds, “Our company’s success over the last few years is directly attributed to our reliability, quality, service and the ability to undertake a holistic approach”.

Neelanjan Gupto Design today has tied-up with several top real estate based corporate houses & companies around the country with an aim to penetrate into the lucrative corporate market and double its current revenue mark of Rs.20 million by next financial year. “Our aim is to consistently stay at the leading edge of new developments and work towards setting-up a platform which will streamline the designing and building process,” concludes Neelanjan.