Navaratnaa Crop Science: Agriculture Sustainability through Technology Oriented Products

Mohammad Ali,Managing Director

Mohammad Ali

Managing Director

Concerns about sustainability in agricultural systems centre on the need to develop technologies and practices that do not have adverse effects on environmental goods and services, are accessible to and effective for farmers, and lead to improvements in food productivity. Despite great progress in agricultural productivity in the past halfcentury, with crop and livestock productivity strongly driven by increased use of fertilizers, irrigation water, agricultural machinery, pesticides and land, it would be overoptimistic to assume that these relationships will remain linear in the future and due to vast growth of technology, it has helped the farmers in maintaining `Agriculture Sustainability' across the globe, but what about India?

Established in 2011, Navaratnaa Crop Science Private Limited (NCS) is a Hyderabad headquartered Agri input manufacturing company that offers a range of products that takes care of Soil Health, Seed Health, Crop Health, Environmental Health and Farmers. With a focus on ‘Agriculture Sustainability', NCS offers technology oriented products, that benefits the entire agriculture value chain i.e. Soil to Seed (End Produce). NCS is also an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018 certified company.

Products developed by NCS are in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Agriculture. NCS has designed and developed the Organic Nutrients(Biofertilizers),Organic Fertilizers, Straight Micronutrients, Amino Acid Chelated State Micronutrient formulations, Bio
Stimulants, Semio Chemicals and Traps under the NUPLEX Brand addressing the various problems associated with agriculture. Via these products, Navaratnaa is paving a path to Sustainable Agriculture through biointegrated nutrient management and biointegrated pest and disease management.

Navaratnaa is paving a path to Sustainable Agriculture through biointegrated nutrient management and biointegrated pest and disease management

NCS creates value use science based, innovative solutions to help secure competitive advantage and shape a successful future. The firm thinks and acts in the long term, is reliable and trustworthy, and takes its responsibility for future generations seriously. Basically, the goal is to deliver the best and most sustainable Agri inputs to serve critical applications with high societal benefit.

Navaratnaa Crop Science's Unique Proposition
NCS'competitive asset is its State-of-the-art Production Unit and DSIR (Govt. of India) Recognized Inhouse R&D Laboratory. These are supported by a team of committed and well experienced experts in Research & Development and Production & Marketing. The team has enabled NCS to excel in conducting field demonstrations, ensuring the quality of the products supply and after sales services to the farming community.

Navaratnaa has won State Award from Telangana State Govt. National Award Winner from Ministry of Agriculture, GoI. NCS is also an International award winner from CRDF Global, US Dept.

Since 2011, NCS has continually embraced the '`Ar't of Agriculture' through its products. The firm's R&D developed the seaweed with the name BHOORATNA as well as the EarthEMPower, which are microbial consortium and an effectively decomposing organic and agricultural waste in soil. Both are commercially well established and well received by the farming community of Telangana, Odisha and AP region.

"Our main focus is agriculture to grow more in less space with more varieties, providing quality output," says Mohammad Ali, Managing Di-rector, Navaratnaa Crop Science. He is a graduate in Agricultural Sciences, with a decade of experience in agriculture field. He has a keen zeal to provide best quality products & extension services leveraging technology that are immensely useful to agriculture, health and environment. "Generation is changing and Smart farming practices are accelerating innovation in agriculture as we all move towards a more sustainable future," concludes the Managing Director.