Nature Morte: Redefining the Art Landscape in India

Aparajita Jain,  Co-Director

Aparajita Jain, Co-Director

India is a country that has been blessed with brilliant artists and art forms, yet the nascent Indian art ecosystem still needs abundant time to reach adolescence. The country needs a platform for artists to showcase their talent and also promote the importance of art in India. Looking at this need and opportunity, Peter Nagy, a brilliant artist from U.S., established Nature Morte, a commercial art gallery in New Delhi in 1997, with a vision to showcase the talent of Indian artists to the world. Since then, it has become synonymous in India with challenging and experimental forms of art while placing the country on the global map for art works. “Being one of the most established contemporary art galleries in India, Nature Morte is changing the way Indian artists are viewed in India as well as internationally,” says Aparajita Jain, Co-Director, Nature Morte.

Showcasing the Art Finesse
Today, six out of 10 India’s topmost
contemporary artists belong to Nature Morte. With such talented artists, the art gallery is constantly redefining the art landscape. Comprising of the entire gamut of art forms (formal and informal) such as painting, culture, photography, video, AI generated art and many more, the gallery has been championing ‘conceptual, lens-based and installation genres’. “All our artists have one thing in common-great technique and a heavy focus on thoughts; we are content rich,” adds Aparajita.

"Beyond technique, Nature Morte never loses its focus from the most important aspect – that the art must have heavy thought & content in it"

Nature Morte is also a pioneer in starting India’s first International Sculpture Park on a PPP model in collaboration with the Government of Rajasthan. On the way to promote and express the Indian Art to maximum extent, Nature Morte does not even charge any fee to all of its visitors. With belief that art should become a part of the public consciousness, Nature Morte has collaborated with institutions in India to build the knowledge of art. Apart from this, it is the first art gallery in India which has showcased technology in the form of art. Gradient Descent, organized by Nature Morte in 2018, was the first ever art exhibition globally to include artworks made entirely by artificial intelligence. It addressed how contemporary art can create a
dynamic human-machine relationship and provide a vision of what art could be in the post-human age.

With a number of professionals, including writers, video editors, operation people, artists and others, Nature Morte comprises of a heavy amount of content and intellectual people working in a content-driven business. With a desire to stay onto the par edge of thought & imagination, the gallery constantly works with people who are disruptive and have passion to change history. Nature Morte has worked with many international organizations like Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Sculpture Park, to name a few. And the robust team of high-quality artists works with over eight museums in a year. To ensure security, it has opted for certain measures like insurance and regular checking of the way art is kept (humidity, chemical exposure and others).

With such dedication towards empowerment ofArt in India, Nature Morte has witnessed 25 percent revenue growth every year from last five years. It is planning to work with more public spaces and galleries, and increase its roster by covering best South Asian as well as International artists. “Art in India till now has always been mom & pop store and I am really hoping that we can change that and make it a recognized industry,” concludes Aparajita.