Mystery Junkies: Defying all Odds to Prove 'YOU' as the Hero of the Hour

Sachid Tharayil (L) & Rupert Picardo (R),    Founders & Directors

Sachid Tharayil(L) & Rupert Picardo(R)
Founders & Directors

Within the precincts of themed arcades and controls that simulate reality, speeding past vents and doors, finding cues and solving critical mysteries with time ticking against you – Room-Escapes have re-defined the world of entertainment & leisure. However, it claims a dawning concept in India, drawing promising outlooks and acceptance among the audiences. Seizing the opportunity to revolutionize this trend in the country, globe-trotters Rupert Picardo and Sachid Tharayil(Founders & Directors) conceptualized Mystery Junkies in 2016 based on world-class frameworks and captivating themed live-escapes. Hinged along exclusive veridical set-ups, Mystery Junkies aims to ignite the inherent heroic spirits in everyone and facilitate chances to prove heroism in ‘save the world’ situations and much more.

Locked in for 60-minutes, engaging in brain-storming, logic & problem-solutions with enthralling team efforts to pave a path out of the room, Mystery Junkies promises guests action-packed adventures and a whole lot of captivating fun. One could either find themselves exploring the ruins of historical
" Mystery Junkies Room-Escapes transcend almost all age groups, and finds universal appeal as everyone gets the opportunity to be a hero"

Hampi or survive in a 1960’s Nuclear Bunker, get immersed into the fantasy world of Dragon Glass(themed around the famed Game of Thrones) or witness Ransom within the heist of a vault. To its pacing success and adroit presence, Rupert states, “After doing extensive research and having participated in similar Room-Escapes in Europe, South-East Asia and practically every noteworthy room in India, we decided to up the ante. Mystery Junkies and its rooms have been created to be immersive. It’s not just a series of puzzles or any random movie theme, it’s the real deal where we allow participants to feel the pulse and get hooked onto the mystery.” Fortifying this statement the duo invested immense time and resources in developing (in-house) designs and engineering state-of-the-art mechanisms for utmost realistic experiences. Even to the extent of incorporating pioneering clue-software systems to cause no interruptions to the guest’s inaction.

An Entertainment for Masses
Mystery Junkies Room-Escapes transcend almost all age groups(seven-70 years), and finds universal appeal as everyone gets the opportunity to be a hero. The establishment further excels at delivering real-based story-lines with customers assuming central-focus. Well-trained staffs assist guest’s right from pre-booking to choosing relevant themes based on preferences and briefing them on the over-all set-up of the
location. Additionally, each room is well-spread to capacitate 20-35 packs at a single time also creating a safe and fire retardant environment with easily accessible exits in-case of mishaps, thereby guaranteeing a no-hazardous zone. Such are the exhaustive efforts poured into establishing Mystery Junkies as a renowned trailblazer in the field of Room-Escapes.

Deriving immense success following its launch, Mystery Junkies branched its second in 2018 with five themes namely, the Rogue Spy (world save-situation, themed around a garage), Unstoppable (themed in a train), the Basement (Horror themed), Witchcraft & Wizardly (fantasy-based) & Space-Station (futuristic - concept based on disaster situation). Featuring fully-engaging themes in an equally thrilling environment, the second launch too proved to be a major hit in the city of Bangalore, proving as an entertainment for the masses right from children to the elderly and corporates to tourists.

En-route to Expansion
Seemingly inexpensive, the prices offered at Mystery Junkies stays all-inclusive at Rs.695 for adults and Rs.595 for groups. This said, the company struck 40-50 percent revenue growth within six months, with crowds only increasing ever since with Rupert & Sachid flaming to take-on larger markets. Planning on exclusive initiations for hosting large audiences based on highly competitive Escape arenas, Sachid states, “We are creating a competitive level of Room-Escape, watch out for this space as a total game changer in escape room is poising to come your way.”