Modenza: Best yet Cost-Effective Modular Kitchen Solutions with Indian Sense of Utility

Karan Rastogi,   Founder
Karan Rastogi, Founder

The modern, newfangled & attractive modular kitchen has earned lot more persona than the traditional rasoi today. Apart from being just a cooking space, it has transformed into a multi-functional area doubling-up as the showpiece of the house, dining space, comfort zone or the special corner of the house party. However, building such a dream kitchen is an assiduous task to do. Taking this responsibility on its shoulders is Modenza, an expert in the modular kitchen manufacturing segment. A fully integrated company with its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, the company provides a perfect blend of styles from across the globe using leading edge Italian & Austrian semi-automatic and automatic machines. “Our cutting-edge machines allow us to achieve highest standards of quality and precision levels in our product,” asserts Karan Rastogi, Founder, Modenza.

Extensive Range of Products
A product driven organization focused on using top quality and international standard raw materials to manufacture a premium quality product, Modenza strives to provide an unparalleled
product in terms of material, finish and durability. From the perspective of rapid urbanization, the company avows to meet the challenges and offers 100 percent customizable kitchen solutions that are affordable and in complete synthesis with the plush interior spaces of its customers. “We do not have any pre-made product; each and every modular component of a product is made-to-order for our clients,” states Chandni Lochan Rastogi, Design & Marketing Head, Modenza.

"We do not have any pre-made product; each and every modular component of a product is made-to-order for our clients"

Even the raw materials for each order are customized according to the clients’ need and ranges from particle board, medium & high density fiberboard, plywood, wood-plastic composites, or plastic/PVC board to create a range of products, including carcass and shutters for kitchen, wardrobe and modular cabinetry. Wear & tear of the sink unit due to leakage of water is a common issue in Indian kitchens. To combat this Modenza uses WPC or PVC boards for carcass and shutter of the sink unit and any other unit with contact to water, like RO filter/Geyser unit or Dishwasher unit.

Modenza has its own avantgarde manufacturing facility in Lucknow, and has tie-ups with various leading manufacturers from both local & international market like Green panel, Greenply, Action Tesa, & E3 Panels for high quality boards. It has also partnered with AICA (Japanese) & MERINO for
lamination needs,REHAU (German)for edge band, JOWAT(German)for adhesives and KUPSA Coatings(Spanish)for all Polyester & Poly-Urethane Finishes. Using such resources, the company manufactures kitchens, ward robes and modular cabinetry with trending and alluring shutter finishes like Pre-Laminated, Post-Laminated, Acrylic, UV Sheets, Polymer Glass, Poly-Urethane & Polyester Coatings, including special effect finishes catering to a wide customer base.

Nothing But Quality
Despite the presence of various product driven service providers in the market today, what makes Modenza unique is its service driven outlook which enables it to provide end-to-end services and solutions to its B2B associates such as assistance on initial showroom setup, designing & installation, providing on-site assistance, ensuring quick service in resizing or replacement of panels to allow smooth and timely installation, and simultaneously educating about the modular product & commercial aspect of the industry. The company also provides five years warranty on the products. Providing such headstrong services coupled with 100 percent transparency about the raw materials being used in the product, Modenza has emerged as one of the most recommended brands in the Indian Modular Kitchen industry. The company now plans to expand into the bed and work station category in the near future while simultaneously growing its B2B associates and client base.