Merapet: Pioneer in Manufacturing, Marketing & Launching Many Firsts in India

Dr. Sudipt Laik,Founder & CEO

Dr. Sudipt Laik

Founder & CEO

‘The humanization of pets’ is a common phrase used by the pet product industries, as the care givers are seeking more human grade products for their animal companions. Such concept was not prevalent in India back in 2002, when concerned pet-parents used to feed the new born pups with baby food formulas, though such food lacked major nutritional requirements of their pets. Realizing the market need and with the zeal of innovation, Dr. Sudipt Laik founded Merapet Inc. in 2002 with a small team of techno commercial enthusiasts. It became the first Indian manufacturer of weaning formulation for pet Meralac, for both puppies and kittens. Initially, the awareness for the requirement of weaning food formulae exclusively for pets was created, and today, there is almost 60-70 percent product penetration among the pet parents to replace the general supplementation of baby food products.

Many Firsts in India Solutions

A diversified pet health products manufacturing and marketing company in India, the company is a leading manufacturer of diversified pet heath products in India which covers many segments like weaning food formula, nutritional supplements, oraltopical medicines, pet shampoos, conditioner and treat biscuits for dogs & cats. Though ready made pet food manufacturers add various supplements to fortify the products, heat treatment while processing destroys the vitamins present in the feed. As a result
of insufficient nutrition in the pet’s diet, hair shedding becomes the primary concern for many pet owners. Merapet introduced brand Maximin in 2002, first and the only (till date) in the petcare market which can control ‘nutritional fur shedding’ within a span of just 10 days.

To maintain the product quality and efficacy, Merapet follows strict protocol by conducting multiple clinical trials before any product launch

If spoken of the deadliest diseases in canines, Canine Parvovirus (CPV) disease, characterized by vomiting, diarrohea and lack of appetite, is highly contagious and has 90 percent mortality rate for untreated cases. Merapet came-up with a holistic formulation (Dizylac) for the pooches, which are highly palatable dry syrup and are required in small quantity as is doped with high concentration of probiotics and other five anti diarrhoeal elements to quickly regain their appetite and control diarrohea. Likewise, Merapet is credited with launching the first kitten dewormer (Kilverm) in 2011, and anti-tick preparations with fipronil (Deletik), which is the most effective and least toxic agent for pets in economic shampoo and dusting powder form in 2014,

Unremitting Innovations

To maintain the product quality and efficacy, Merapet follows strict protocol by conducting multiple clinical trials before any product launch. It has efficient team of veterans who regularly update feedback on the released products, which helps the pharmacists in coming-out with a better formulation. The research and the production facility are supported by well-experienced national experts dedicated to innovation and to develop more ‘value for money’ products to meet the needs of the companion animals. Thus, products from Merapet are proven, time-tested and trusted by the petparents for their loved companions.

Going beyond business, Dr. Sudipt, who is a veterinary science graduate with distinction, donates a portion of the sale of the book,‘Thirty Iconic Vets, Animal Welfare Activists & Environmentalists their success stories, our learning’ authored by him, to the NGO Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka (Bangalore), who work towards the betterment of animal’s life.

With presence across Tier-I cities and several metros across the country, except in eastern and north eastern region, and exporting to countries like Nepal and Vietnam, the company is ready to expand to Southeast Asian countries. Currently growing at a CAGR of 13-14 percent, it eyes a turnover of Rs.120 million by 2023, and plans to launch many unique, innovative pet products in the space of antacid, wound healing, joint pain management, first age milk and more.