ME AND MY HOME: Crafting Contemporary Kitchen Spaces with Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

Pradeep Reddy Konikanti,DirectorKeeping aside the elegance of your kitchen decors, functional designs are the must-have in making an operational living space and keeping it ‘live’. ME AND MY HOME designers are helping many homeowners to recreate their kitchen spaces, befitting their personal desires. It has rounded-up a dedicated team of experts in concluding clutter-free kitchen designs as per budget & preferences of the clients. On the other-hand, using cutting-edge kitchen technologies, it is hemming sartorial edge to the designs like never before.

ME AND MY HOME is braving the newfangled trends like a pro. It strongly encourages sleek wood works for its contemporary modular designs of which handle-less kitchen is one of its most promising designs on-board. Its featured designs are categorized under two broad concepts: ERGOS & NOMOS – for aesthetically pleasing and savvy storage spaces, and Heart and Soul – for a homey kitchen studio. Personal inputs are always welcomed. From lighting counterparts to kitchen accessories, it has a complete catalog of imported items at pocket-friendly prices to accessorize the kitchen with an expert assist on the go.

Considering the fact that kitchen appliances are a must for any household, bulky refrigerators or ovens occupy most of the free spaces. Now, built-ins are the best way
to tuck-in the kitchen spaces. If spoken of quality, ME AND MY HOME, from chimney, built-in microwaves, ovens to dishwashers, it is biased to provide the best. Aligning the customer’s purchase ability and spending desires, it decides the piece of equipment for the kitchen. The company also keeps a sharp eye on the quality of the built materials for the building in-boxes and kitchen furnishes.

In today’s date, particle boards and MDFs are preferred over ply boards as they are comparatively more water resistant, fireproof, and/or insect-proof. Carcass materials being the heart of any kitchen boards, ME AND MY HOME imports the finish boards from UK, Italy, Germany or Spain. For kitchen cabinets, it gives an extra edge in terms of aesthetics and quality from those usual ones that are available in the market. These are mostly boiling water proof boards (BWP) to resist the damages and increase the confidence for guilt-free cooking.

Our passion for manufacturing ensures our products are always of superior quality

“Our passion for manufacturing ensures our products are always of superior quality,” states Pradeep Reddy Konikanti, Director, ME AND MY HOME. It runs a 12,000 sq.ft. modular built facility and is the first manufacturer of handle-less 45 Degree Curved Edge Banding shutters in India. The facility is all geared-up, housing wood-working tools from Germany and a house of automated machineries for a seamless finish for the kitchen fixtures. Having a true knack for perfection, the facility is aided with cutting-edge production software which allows 3D visualization of the drawings and to efficiently dovetail the design concepts. Further, each design is meticulously planned in detail and executed with compounding the unmatched efforts of expert teams comprising of the chief designer, project manager and carpentry crew.

Marching Forward
ME AND MY HOME was ideated out of passion. Pradeep, a Clinical Research Associate by profession at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, had no practical knowledge in this industry, but he reared a full-grown business in a less-known town of Kurnool. He is aspiring more fresh minds to join his production line to expand the organization further. As the revenue doubled in the last fiscal year, it is investing to start a new product line Automated Spray Paint Line, Aluminium & UPVC Windows, Glass-related kitchen furnishes & wardrobes with improved sliding channels, and more.