Mayon's Pharmaceuticals: Catalyzing Complete Corporal Care through Unique & Side-Effects-Free Organic Solutions

Yusuf Chimthanawala, DirectorAs per the market research agency Nielsen, the herbal segment of the personal care industry in India accounts for 41 percent of its Rs.45000 crore market with its ‘naturals’ category growing 2.2 times that of the non-naturals, and is professed to account for half the market in the coming years. Triggering suchlike accelerated growth is Mayon’s Pharmaceuticals, a top-tier organic pharmaceutical company indulged with the research and manufacturing of healthy medicinal & herbal personal care products. With an unparalleled experience close to four decades, the company is committed to endowing products that effectively and naturally respond to the shifting health concerns of the people in the modern world. It is headstrong in its mission of extracting and creating perfect formulation from nature for the future of an impeachable fit and fine life.

Dawned as a manufacturer of ethical homeopathic and proprietary drugs, Mayon’s portrays a rich timeline with collaborations with Indian MNCs in 2006, exporting cosmetic products since 2013, manufacturing cosmetic drugs since 2016, and debuting a whole range
of hygiene and soap products in 2017. “The escalation of Mayon's is a projection of its sound technical background. For instance, my father’s impeccable experience of 40 years in homeopathic medicine is the backbone of the company,” deems Yusuf Chimthanawala, Director, Mayon’s, substantiating his claim by typifying his qualification (M.Pharm (Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and D.B.M)and his elder brother’s 20 years of expertise in homeopathic medicine. A perfect way out for the complete family, Mayon’s is a refuge to all, be it infants, teenagers, adults, or the elderly. Its easily available products are unique and side-effects-free formulations of herbal and botanical extracts, fueling body’s natural defense, detoxifying the system, restoring balance, and rejuvenating mind and body.

Proffering natural solutions for skin, hair, and overall health, Mayon’s complete range of personal care encompasses beauty, healthcare, and specialty products

Wide Range of Organic Products
Proffering natural solutions for skin, hair, and overall health, Mayon’s complete range of personal care encompasses beauty(skin, foot, hair, slimming products, spa, and soap), healthcare (women’s care, child care, and so forth), and specialty products (detoxifying tonics, sun care pills, and the like).
One of its prominent products is the EvesCare range for women, consisting of gels for vaginal dryness and tightening, Mayon’s BD Toner for enhancing underdeveloped breasts, and vaginal wash. The company’s most sought-after product, Mayon’s EvesCare vaginal wash is enriched with Sea Buckthorn and Tea Tree Oil to prevent unpleasant odor and irritation in the vaginal zone and maintain the pH balance, especially during menstruation.

Emphasizing on continuous R&D, Mayon’s frequently formulates novel products in the market, for instance, the new range of handmade soaps like neem tulsi (fights against bacterial and skin infections) and two-layered aloe vera and Marigold (specifically made for patients of psoriasis, eczema, and other bacterial infections). All its devised products undergo stringent tests in its clinical trials before reaching the market ensuring utmost therapeutical efficacy, and no side effects.

Remaining in the Pink through Nature’s Green
Overcoming the challenges in the Indian market,Mayon’s strictly adheres to all the latest amendments and complies with Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940. It also owns a cultivation farm for procuring top-quality raw materials. Maintaining a YOY revenue increase of 10-12 percent, Mayon’s is expecting 20 percent growth in 2018-19 and is readying to foray into Ayurvedic products’ market. It is also set to spread its wings across countries post overseas registration.