Mangosteen Tea: Herbal Tea with Immense Health Benefits

   Thomson Moothedan & Midhun Thomson,           DirectorsAccording to a report published by Statista, the global tea industry amounted to $247.20 Bn in 2023. India being one of the top five exporters of tea has had a very good run over the last decade with increase in the number of business entities in this domain. There has also been increase in demand with consumers requiring more choices in the kind of tea they intake. However, apart from being a refreshing beverage, tea contains numerous health benefits as well. If taken with a combination of ingredients, there are many health hazards that can be avoided by regular drinking of tea. This is what Mangosteen Tea thought about when it started business in 2017.

Mangosteen tea is an improvised herbal tea produced from Mangosteen fruit rind. One would be surprised to learn that the peel can be useful as well but it is true. It contains xanthones, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, functioning as a natural chemo agent and preventing cell damage. “Mangosteen's fibre content absorbs more protein, excretes toxins and toxic additives, and lowers bad cholesterol. In addition, one percent Nutmeg mace is added to the tea powder to enhance aroma. Only
natural ingredients are used in this herbal tea”, states Midhun Thomson, Director, Mangosteen Tea.

Standing Out
Mangosteen provides a good source of the Xanthon compound. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of xanthones that prevent cell damage and act as natural chemotherapeutic agents. With anti-oxidant present Mangosteen also contains vitamins as well as a distinct class of antioxidant compounds known as xanthones. The product range include Mangosteen Tea- Authentic, Mangosteen Tea-Peel Powder, Mangosteen Tea-Peel Mixed. The term 'Superfruit' was first coined due to the powerful medicinal properties of Mangosteen and the company is blending the goodness of Mangosteen in a Tea as a cup of salubrious drink.

Mangosteen's fibre content absorbs more protein, excretes toxins & toxic additives, & lowers bad cholesterol

Growth Story
It was the Director’s late grandfather Jacob Moothedan who as a traveller and entrepreneur collected the seeds of Mangosteen and Rambutan from Ceylon in early 20th century and planted across Pariyaram, a place known for origin of Mangosteen in Kerala. Since then, the seeds and saplings were distributed to many people without profit motive. “Now it is our turn to take Mangosteen into next level by attributing more value by helping herbal tea lovers with new flavor and health benefits. Many studies point out that the Xanthons are the richest anti-oxidants among all fruit species and the Xanthons are inhibiting in highly concentrated form”, mentions Midhun.

Road Ahead
Since its inception in 2017, the company has been able to grow consistently every year and gain the trust of its consumers. Mangosteen Tea currently conducts quality checks at every step of the manufacturing process and everything is monitored manually. It is selling only through online channels as of now which include Amazon, Flipkart and its own digital platform. “Moving ahead we want to expand our production and cater to more demand in the market and sell through various other channels in the coming few years”, concludes the Director.