Lighterature Studios:Elevating Brand Presence with Expert Photography & Videography Services

Naresh Shetti,  FounderWhen compared to other means of advertising, visual forms make the product more enticing and unique. Product photography has always been an important medium for marketing. With the rise of online shopping and meal delivery culture, product photography has grown in prominence as a means of attracting more customer attention and building a brand reputation.

Lighterature Studios has time and again proven to be among the promising product photography companies to have provided excellent services in this field. Lighterature was founded with a distinct vision of creating content solutions for both small and large businesses. The organization's unique processes of creative business solutions also create a large number of jobs for artists in the country.

Lighterature aims to proffer visual solutions to businesses and individuals that are just appropriate for their needs. And this is achieved through a precise understanding of client requirements and proper execution through the right talents. The company has a centralized team to provide a systematic creative execution plan and get it executed by local artists anywhere in India. This format of working reduces the cost of execution and pays the right amount to the artist, therefore having a win-win situation for every body.

Lighterature is founded by Naresh Shetti who has a far sighted clear vision. He further states, "There is a lot of content requirement in the market and there is a lot of talent available. Lighterature with its thorough understanding acts as a bridge between business and artist and the quality is managed by the company”.

Bridging the Gap between Artists & Clients
Most businesses lack the knowledge necessary to negotiate a fair price with an artist, which gives them the impression that artists are pricey. There are several genres in the field of photography and videography as a whole and the market is unable to identify which photographer or videographer has the necessary skills to do their duties. For eg, a wildlife photographer may accept a product shot assignment but be unable to deliver the required quality of work therefore not completely doing justice to the fee. The client's experience in such cases will be ruined which results in trust issues the next time he has to hire talent.

Lighterature analyses clients' requirement and matches them with the right talent for the assignment, and not just that they also monitor the assignment till delivery. Lighterature has completed 70,000 counting assignments with a network of visual artists in over 70 cities across India. They have the expertise in executing bulk assignments for content creation for industries like food tech, travel tech, social media clients, and more.

The Future Plans
Lighterature is soon going to release a digital platform called Lytaa. Lytaa is a talent aggregation platform where all the stakeholders of the industry like photographers, video makers, makeup artists, hair stylists, studios, rental companies, and more, will be listed for people to access and transact. This platform is in its final stages and the company is expecting to release it by the first quarter of 2023. Lighterature is currently bootstrapped but for Lytaa, there are going to be opportunities for equity investment.

The second line of business is going to be the Lighterature Academy, an educational platform that will provide short term and long term skill courses like drone operations, video editing, reel makingimage styling, and more. The academy will mainly have physical institutes in Tier-II & III cities and towns to explore talent and create jobs.

In short, Lighterature is looking forward to creating an ecosystem for all content creators across all forms of content.