Koraput Organic: Bestowing Organic Products Rich in Taste, Aroma & Nutritional Value

Lalatendu P Deo ,CEOWith the Indian government implementing National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP),the trend of organic agriculture has steadily grown roots across the country and beyond. According to the World of Organic Agriculture Report 2018, India has the largest number of organic producers in the world with a count of 835,000 certified producers, thus ranking 9th on the certified organic cultivation chart. Since organic farming is in its nascent stage, many firms are now backing on this line of farming more than ever. Yielding with the same spirit as Green Revolution, Koraput Organic (KO) has carved an organic presence with its products that are 100 percent pure, veritable and unadulterated, thus ensuring optimum client satisfaction.

An engineer turned farmer hailing from Orissa, Lalatendu Pratap Deo (CEO) endeavors to produce food products that are hygienically processed, have rich taste & aroma, longer shelf life and high nutritional content. To process such preservative-free production, he uses only Neem and Pongamia extracts as pesticides that keeps the food nutrition intact. Majority of Plants’ inputs of his farm are produced inhouse. Since its
establishment in 1996, KO is known to be a trusted brand delivering
high-quality organic products,certified as per National Organic Production Standards (NPOP)of India and National Organic Program(NOP)Technical Standards of US.

Yielding with the same spirit as Green Revolution, Koraput Organic (KO) has carved an organic presence with its products that are 100 percent pure, veritable and unadulterated

Freshly From Farm to Kitchen
KO’s range of offerings is handpicked on purpose. It offers a variety of mangoes (king of fruits) across the country that not only treats taste buds but also adds grace to cultural ceremonies where in its leaves are used for decorations. Since pepper is considered an ancient Indian treasure, the company provides a wide assortment of black pepper and white pepper, in the form of whole granules and powder, a product highly demanded by customers for its nutritional significance and delicious flavor. KO’s certified organic coffee is cultivated by deploying chemical-free mode of farming that keeps the authentic aroma and taste intact. Not only are the beans handpicked but also delivered in three forms - raw beans, roasted beans and roasted powder. On top of the line, KO’s bag of organic rice meets all the quality standards, elongates after cooking and contains good volume of vitamins. “With our food products, customers not only get the real and
unadulterated taste of coffee, fruits, and spices, but at the same time contribute towards the growth and promotion of a greener and healthier planet,” avers Lalatendu.

Processed, quality-tested and packed in compliance with global quality protocols and norms, KO’s products reduce toxicity in the soil, air and water bodies, thus providing consumers with healthier choices for a balanced diet. While following standards of Council Regulation and Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance for plant products, the company strictly adheres to technical standards (U.S.)and procedural guidance stated in Organic Certification Manuals of respective institutions.

Working in Unison
Crediting the support that he receives from his large farming team, Lalatendu explains the importance of utilizing environmentally sound cultivation practices. He asserts, “Employing a blend of old and new farming techniques, encouraging and employing small innovations and research is centric to our methodology to balance the natural ecosystem during product development”. This sink between the humans and nature helps in sustaining and replenishing nutrients present in the soil while processing techniques like composting and cultivation. There’s no denying that with such implementation of efforts and research, organic products deserve a premium in the market, a presence that KO certainly sustains. With its network of dedicated dealers, the company today caters to markets globally and aims to achieve a Rs.5 crore turnover annually.