Images Studio: A House of Creative Professionals from Various Verticals

Brij Verma, Founder & Director

Brij Verma

Founder & Director

The Indian commercial photography market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.1 percent by 2032. The rising media & advertising industry in India is a major driver of the demand for commercial photography services. Product photography is a commercial form of photography that seeks to present a product to the client in the best way possible and increase consumer interest and brand exposure. Due to the growth of online shopping and the rising prevalence of e-Commerce platforms, which are expected to continue expanding in the future, product photography has become increasingly popular in developing nations.

Established in 2017, Images Studio is a production company with inhouse facilities and creative studios designed to create visuals and meet clients' requirements with quality and speed. The firm believes that photos are the public face of a brand and a product on any website or other e-Commerce platform so they have to be of top notch quality and attractive enough to draw the customer's attention. "We make an effort to take pictures in the proper lighting situations and to display the composition properly to make the image appear presentable and attractive. To get the perfect shot while preserving high standards for each and every snapshot, we take a lot of photos from various angles and in different lighting” speaks Brij Verma, Founder & Director, Images Stuidio.

With over a decade of experience and expertise in Commercial photography, Images Studio offers complete comprehensive solutions for e-Commerce marketing and campaign shots, BTS videos, brand introduction films, product photography, catalog shoots, testimonial or product review videos, and more. The inhouse team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, editors, content writers, graphic designers, and seller account managers helps clients to go online and start selling in no time. Though new to the industry, Image studio has produced higher numbers of content when compared to its biggest competitors in the market. Due to its belief that client's happiness is just as vital as its products and services, the firm has amassed a sizable customer base that is continuously growing.

Although we are a young company with a modest infrastructure, we continue to grow significantly owing to the dedication of our skilled staff and our efforts to collaborate effectively to accomplish our shared objectives

The firm always produces the most amazing outputs through the masterful use of lighting, thorough comprehension of consumer needs, and emphasis on the product's best qualities. The firm leverage modern equipment and innovative photography methods to make the products seem more enticing than it actually is and helps clients attract more customers. The firm believes that in the industry, most people do accept assignments but they later fail to deliver on time and break their commitments. Hence, Image studio aims to maintain the deadline and deliver the visuals at the earliest possible.

"Since we understand that a delay of 15 to 20 days in the planning, creation, or delivery of the images would jeopardize its objectives, we are focused on timely delivery. Our concern towards the quality and delivery of the visuals sets us apart from the other players in the market” says Brij. Image Studio is determined to stick to its current delivery schedule of one day, and that is its USP. The firm's largest clients include brands like Amazon, Mahindra, Satya Paul, Ritu Kumar, and Monte Carlo.

Currently, Images Studio is one of the best commercial photography service providers in India, and its work shows that the firm has a strong sense of creativity and it knows how to use it effectively. Due to the increasing demand for social media advertising, the firm is trying to explore more opportunities of producing social media campaigns for big brands.